What is the difference between Sterile and Pyrogen Free ? (Relating to Pharmaceutical dosag forms)?

As I know, pyrogen free = being free of bacterial substances that can cause fever and Sterile = free from bacteria. However one of the dosage for ophthalmic solutions says solution doesn't have to be PYROGEN FREE but has to be STERILE. I don' t understand why and the difference between the two.

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    A pyrogen can be anything that raises body temperature, including chemical agents. A solution can be sterile (bacteria-free) but still contain pyrogens (such as lipopolysaccharide, a substance found in some bacterial cell walls). The bacteria have been killed, but their chemical residues remain.

  • 6 years ago

    A pyrogen is a fever-producing substance/agent. Therefore pyrogen free means there are no fever-producing substances that can induce fever. The substance can be either bacteria or any chemical agent. On the other hand, sterile means there are no bacteria on a surface. This means that a solution, for example, can be sterile but still contain pyrogens

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    Pyrogen Definition

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