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I need some chemistry help with STP?

could someone explain how to do this?

Which of the following gas samples would have the largest number of representative particles at STP?

a. 12.0 L He c. 0.10 L Xe

b. 7.0 L O d. 0.007 L SO

Given 1.00 mole of each of the following gases at STP, which gas would have the greatest volume?

a. He c. SO

b. O d. All would have the same volume.

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    STP is standard temperature and pressure. the temp is 273 kelvin, and pressure is 101.3 kpa.

    im not 100% sure on the first question,

    but for the 2nd one,

    you use the formula PV =nRT

    Pressure = 101.3

    Volume = They don't give it to you so thats what your solving for.

    n= moles which is 1

    R = 8.31 (this number never changes)

    Temp = 273

    Source(s): Chem. Class.
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    At STP (extensive-unfold Temperature and stress) a mole of any gas, no matter how complicated will, ideally, occupy 22.41L of area. So in case you have 2 moles, then you definately could ideally occupy 40 4.82L along with your oxygen gas.

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