IS it just me or is our country THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Turning into a PRISON? ALL THE RULES AND TAXES UH?

When I was a little boy. I did all kinds of things wrong. Yes I broke petty laws. Well, Seems in this day. There are all types of new laws out there. It is unbelievable. I mean You can't do thins or that without a permit or license. Now some fing fools want to tax every mile you drive! track every move you make. It won't happen in the next 8 years. But it goes to show that it is possible they can do it. What is the freedom coming too. Your not free here, well, only if you pay for it with every blink of you eye. Yea that right I guess I want to start a tax. Every time you blink you eyes it will cost you $0.00012 so if you blink your eyes 1000 times a day it will cost you $0.012 a day. Anything over a 1000 blinks will cost you $1.00 for every blink. OK. And they said that Rome was bad.

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    i think 9/11 was an inside job because of all the reasons is listed. The Official 9/11 Story is nothing short of a "big lie" used to help cover up the crime and then shift the blame to Middle Easteners.

    President Bush, with the help of his Neocon buddies attempted to take complete control of the U.S. by decapitating the Legislative branch of the federal government: They are treasonous murders and would be dictators too, if they had not blundered in their attack of the Capital with Flight 93. They left plenty of evidence at each of the attack sites that implicates them to the crimes. The Following is a summary of what really happened.

    World Trade Center Buildings

    The World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled demolition after being attacked by aircraft. The only evidence our government provided that Osama confessed to the crime is fake. Most every video taken of the towers shows explosives just before the towers imploded. Traces of explosives were also found at ground zero.


    There is also strong evidence to support a Douglas A-3 Skywarrior armed with a missile hit the Pentagon. Witnesses say, the U.S. military secretly had Raytheon Co. refit an A-3 Skywarrior with new jet engines, a missile, and a Global Hawk guidance system, just prior to 9/11. Both the jet engine housing as well as a "front end rotor head", found at the crash site, have been identified as belonging to a Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine, supporting the witnesses claim. This engine does not fit the commercial Boeing 757 that is said to have hit the Pentagon.

    FLIGHT 93

    United Airlines Flight 93 did not crash as a result of a struggle between the passengers and the alleged hijackers, but in fact was shot down by the North Dakota Air Guards flying F-16's. On orders from Adj. General of the State of North Dakota and in opposition to V.P. Cheney's stand down orders, Major Rick Gibney spotted the airline flying on remote, headed toward Washington D.C. and shot it down. This is why debris, including human remains, rained on areas several miles away from the crash site.

    now there is only one fact we need to know about 9/11 and that is: none of the alleged hijackers were at any of the three airports on the morning of 9/11, and if they were not at the airports it was impossible for them to have carried out the attacks. The good news is, the government cannot prove otherwise.

    “There are those who will insist that they have seen on television video surveillance tapes of the hijackers of 9/11 and are satisfied with the official explanation of what happened on that fateful day.

    However, these people are confused by the tape repeatedly shown on TV of two of the alleged hijackers (Mohammad Atta being one of them) passing through a security checkpoint at Portland Maine International Airport to take a connecting flight to Boston on the morning of 11 September 2001.

    This Portland tape has no time-stamp, which makes it suspect. Also, even IF the tape were genuine, it does not place either of the two young Arabs at Logan International Airport.

    Nearly all Americans were lulled into believing that the Portland, Maine tape was sufficient proof when it was not. People were mesmerized by the repeated showing of this tape on TV and in their emotional state did not realize exactly what they were looking at and what they weren't looking at.

    Also, yet another tape was shown in the 24 hour interval leading to the official release of the 9/11 Commission Report; however, this tape, released to the news media by the South Carolina law firm Motley Rice LLC, was almost immediately withdrawn because it quickly became apparent that it was bogus. This Motley Rice surveillance tape purportedly showed two young Arabs boarding flight 77 at Dulles International Airport on the morning of 9/11. But again, just like the Portland Maine tape, there is no time-stamp, which makes it inadmissible in a court of law. This Motley Rice film was never shown again because of the critical eyes of researchers, many of whom preserved copies of the mysterious tape in their computers.

    In consideration of the foregoing, one must conclude that no tape has EVER been shown that reveals ANY of the passengers boarding the 9/11 flights out of Boston's Logan, Newark's Liberty and Washington's Dulles international airports.

    One must also ask, if the 9/11 surveillance tapes at these airports do in fact exist, why haven't we seen them? And if they do not even exist, how can this be explained?”

    I first thought 9-11 was an inside job on Sept. 12th, 2001. It seemed awful suspicious to me that they had not an knowing of what was going to happen and yet by the next day knew everything..all the attackers names, flight training history and even what libraries they had used which I don't even know how they would know this as some libraries do not require ID to use Internet nor have cameras..and yet we supposedly knew this.

    then it came out that other countries had warned us and that Bush had warnings.

    Few things other than steel survived in big pieces and yet there was a hijacker ID, how convenient and now many of the so called hijackers are coming forward alive and saying they had lost their passports prior to 9-11

    Then I heard 5 hours radio show by maker of inplanesite that was most compelling.

    Now I have seen loose change and only two days ago watched mysteries911 DVD that was given to me three times with family members. This DVD is most compelling. I was particularly struck by the slant cut steel beams looking like one that were wired as the explosives cut on a slant so the building falls inward and doesn't damage surrounding structures. Slant cut beams with evidence of the use of thermite.

    If that many websites are out there, hopefully, the American people will wake up in time, not trust their government leaders, and do something while there is still time. I predict worst lies ahead for us and the world.

    Some facts/unanswered questions:

    - No videos of the hijackers at any of the departure airports or boarding any of the planes, or any Arabic sounding names on any of the passenger lists

    - But Mohammed Atta's passport is found undamaged & UnSorched at Ground Zero, while all the hijackers' bodies were incinerated

    - No videos except for 1 of Flight AA77 crashing into the Pentagon, and you can't see a Boeing 757 in it, while all other Pentagon videos are not released, and videos from nearby businesses (CITGO gas station + Sheraton Hotel) confiscated within minutes of the attack

    - No crash wreckage of engines, wings, tail, fuselage, luggage, airline seats, or even aircraft parts with serial numbers at AA77 or UA93 crash sites, which makes them the first in aviation history to vaporize

    Cellphone calls impossible above 8K feet, and UA93 was at cruising altitude of 35K feet, so calls were probably made using voice morphing technology

    - 3 Black boxes found by 2 First responders at WTC, but later confiscated & the government claims all were missing

    - WTC7 collapse not even explained or mentioned in 911 Report, plus the Larry Silverstein televised public admission that it was "pulled" by "them"- All testimony by firefighters & witnesses of multiple explosions in WTC eliminated from the 911 report

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    i joined the military at 21, came out at 31 and have had NO meaningful employment since. I never really had a shot at the dream. Been called a racist, and just about everything you can imagine. my opinion, those who voted for Obama and can not see what he is doing, well, you get what you deserve. every last friggin thing he sticks you people with, you deserve every bit of it. you ask a kid to go serve the country, and then give him no assistance when he is done serving is just one gigantic insult. And I have seen it also with the new vets coming home. you won't give them free college tuition, but you'll offer it to some scumbag who barely can get through high school. TO hell with all of you. TO HELL

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    We're already there, it's just now we have to work harder and pay more to make up for the rulers losses.

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    only thing george orwell had wrong is the date it should be 2014 instead of1984

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