Do you know what this song is?

Well i saw my friend add this song on myspace and it reminded me of a song i used to listen to.

the thing is i cant remember barely any of the lyrics and i dont know the title..

the part i do remember is we are better together..

i think it was something like apart or together, we are better together..

no its not we are better together by Jack Johnson

if you have any idea or any guess on what the song is please tell me. it will be greatly appreciated.

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    was it like a children's song? or what genre was it from?

    bobby susser- we are better together?(children's song)

    marcella holmes- we're better together (gospel type)

    mariah carey- we belong together (umm.. R&B. pop. hip-hop type. kinda.)

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    try typing in what you remember into youtube

  • we belong together - mariah carey?

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