Military base housing in Hawaii?

My husband and I are PCSing to Hawaii this summer and I have been doing a ton of research on housing there. During my research I had come across several articles from people talking about how it doesnt matter what branch you are, military personnel can apply for base housing on any base (marine, navy, air force or army). I was just curious to know if any one (preferable people who have been there) knew if this was true?


I plan to stay as far away from Ewa Beach as possible, due to the traffic issue. I just noticed that with the Marines and Navy housing there is a much bigger selection verses Army housing. And we will be station at Schofield Barracks.

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    My husband and I are pcs'ing as well to Hawaii in about 2 weeks for the 2nd time. Traffic in Ewa Beach is bad. But a GREAT alternate option is Kapolei area. We actullay just got our rental home there!! We tend to stay away from post housing because in Hawaii they take all of your BAH and you can really save a lot living Off post!! Email Me for more!

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    Hawaii Army Base Housing

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    Start here:

    Not sure how far away from Schofield it is, but Manana housing is gorgeous, all BRAND NEW, two car garage (somewhat rare in Hawaii), central air, and nothing less than 3 bedrooms. My husband is stationed at kbay a good 30 minutes away and we struggled for a long time before deciding to go off base due to the commute.

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    yes now all housing in Hawaii is PPV - privatized, so you can apply for housing at another branch's location, but they get first priority for that housing. all housing now is better than what it was like 10 years ago. It will honesty depend on what you want, what you qualify for and where he is stationed at. If he will be going to Schofield then you want housing at Schofield, Wheeler, Pearl City. If he will be at Hickam then you want Hickam, Ford Island, Pearl City, Halawa, AMR, etc... Try to stay closer to the base for the drive in the morning with traffic can be nasty at times. Definitely stay away from Ewa Beach as the traffic is horrible.

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    There is a website, called where you can look up the base that you are going to and see the reviews from people that have been there or are still there, there is a big list on how housing is, how long is the wait, what is the commisary and px like. It is an awesome site.

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    till you're legally married you could't stay jointly in militia housing. you will not have get right of entry to to the backside or the backside centers as nicely. the cost of your going to Hawaii and your issues would be your very own cost. the militia will basically pay for the shipment of the property of advert on orders and their dependents. To qualify for housing he could opt to be complete time national preserve and have observed orders meaning he has custody of the newborn better than 50% of the twelve months. ETA: If he has custody of his newborn then he will qualify for militia housing, 2 bedrooms many times with a million newborn. you does not be waiting to stay in housing in any respect till you're married, he could then qualify for a three mattress room place. He can continually make certain to stay out on the city and use the BAH w/dependents which for an E5 w/dependents is $2094 consistent with month to pay for lease/utilities if this is an determination for you. you may could desire to pay for scientific coverage for your self and newborn till he does undertake her then she could be lined by utilising Tricare

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    You can apply at different bases, but priority goes to the service member of that branch

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    generally speaking you are assigned housing based on the duty station( people stationed at Schoffield Barracks get housed at SB, for instance, but if there are openings they MIGHT allow you to pick and choose where to go on the list.

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