to kill a mockingbird answers anyone?

1) scout said" " he aint company, cal he's just a cunningham." what did she mean by that?and what was cal's answer?

2) what two (2) mistakes did miss Caroline make on the first day of school?

3) why didnt the Ewells have to go to school?

i need these by tonight if anybody can help me, i would greatly appreciate it. i jus got the book today and its due tomorow 1st period. please help. thannks

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    1) The social order in Maycomb county is hard to explain. Scout thinks that because she is higher class, he doesn't really matter. Cal didn't take lightly to that. She said that anyone new to the Finch household is a good of guest as anyone else.

    2) She tries to offer the Cunningham kid money, even though he wouldn't be able to pay it back. She also messes with Scout, which doesn't go to well

    3) They are a very trashy family and their father is a good for nothing alcoholic. They always come the first day and that's it. The truancy officer has tried and tried again, but the lack of discipline and bad parenting has tough the Ewell children to do whatever they please.

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    Head over to they summarize the entire book, chapter by chapter. They also analyze each character in depth and look over the various themes and messages of the book. Trust me, that website carried me through my highschool english years.

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    these notes should help


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