questions about touch screen phones?

are they good?? do you like or dislike them, and why???? and what are the pros and cons of a touch screen phone and pros and cons of a regular phone?? well ok then, that's it, thanks:D


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    okay so you seem about highschool age, i realllllly wanted a touch screen phone like crazy i wanted it more than anything in the world, i had the enV. it was amazing but at the time i was so caught up in having a touchscreen and more over the blackberry storm that i didnt realize my enV was soo good. so i got the blackberry storm for christmas and the touch screen was good and does so much amazing stuff but its sooo much more expensive and unresponsive sometimes. I WANT MY ENV BACK SOO BADLY! you can txt for shoot on the touch screens, if you reallllly want one i would suggest the dare(full touchscreen on verizon) other than that go with the best of both worlds, the voyager(touch screen outside/full physical qwerty on the inside and its a AMAZING AMZAING PHONE!!!!!) other than that get the G1 on tmobile same as voyager cept even more amazing touch screen on the outside! so thats the low down on touch screens. i hate them over all, IF thats all there is, if its like the G1 or Voyager then LOVE them since you can use them whenever you feel like it. also verizon just came out with a new phone called the LG versa, full touchscreen like the dare and then plugs into a full physical qwerty seems kinda cool but still its kinda weird, ive nvr really tried it but its definatly something to look into if your on verizon. best of luck!!!

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    I have the samsung behold & it's a good phone. [It's touchscreen.]

    The only thing is that it's super hard to text on & it's quite sensitive.

    All touch screen phones are different. I wouldn't

    recomend a touch screen though.

    The screen gets really

    dirty & if you drop it,

    it would break really easily.

    So I would get a regular phone.

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    i have the voygager, which is touchscreen in the front and i love it. its good to text on and do other things with. i dont know of any cons, i just love it. regular phones dont have awesome touchscreens :p

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    It relies upon on what telephone you have, some are warmth activated like the (samsung glyde,rouge and many others) yet some are not as an occasion the lg xenon isn't. It relies upon on what cellular telephone you go with for.

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    i have the palm centro and i love love love it!! its really easy to use i can lock the touch screen during a call if i want to that way my cheek wont disconnect the call but really i have NO problems with it.. i can watch youtube and everything i would mos def recommend one..

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