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I'm looking for insight for the new planet Eris, formerly known as UB313....?

So far I have not been able to find an theories on this astrobody that is defined as a dwarf planet. Anyone? Any guesses?


Chainlightnin, you would happen to have a Saturn aspect to your Sun would you?

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    True, there are not many theories other than the fact that Eris' name means discord, so Eris is though to rule discordance. This method of deciding what Eris rules to me is arbitrary. What sign rules Eris? Supposedly Libra or Virgo. I find both of those suspect since its orbit is highly unbalanced and inaccurate - each of the foregoing characteristics distinctly unLibran and UnVirgo-like respectively. Neither would it help us to go with that assumption and have Eris ruling Libra or Virgo characteristics - doesn't make sense! So since you asked for guesses, let's assume Eris is ruled by Aquarius, the offbeat sign which is often "ahead of its time"...

    When looking for patterns in what planets rule, we see clear octaves in inner and outer planets occuring; no doubt Pluto really does rule the personal generation (I have it on the cusp and all my relationships are with older ppl with Pluto in the sign it was leaving). Eris must rule the higher octave of the generational cycle. We will describe how Eris affects us, human beings, but we will bear in mind that Eris must affect some *thing* not just *people* yes? So Eris is going to rule eras and "the times". Incidentally, that again is consistent with Aquarius, which is "ahead of its time" and deals specifically with the times we live in.

    Let's have some fun with this, I downloaded an ephemeris showing where Eris was since 600 CE. Let's pick a few dates, predict what that should mean, and see what happened then....okay get in the time machine...vrrrrooommmm lol!

    Okay too bad we can't go back to the time of Christ as we should see big changes there. Let's try out when Islam started, and Mohammed lived from 570 - 632. At least we expect Eris to transit there, right? We're looking for philosophic changes so we don't expect war (Aries), consistency (Taurus) dual thinking (Gemini) comfort with the known (Cancer) meticulousness/science (Virgo) peace/justice efforts (that could be it (Libra)...deep thinking and mysticism (Scorpio) ... Okay well lets see, Mohammed was born while Eris was in transit from Libra to Scorpio and 5 years after he died, 637, Eris left Scorpio. His plight was to give visions of an Angel (like a medium channeling messages from the beyond) and he is known as the "Messenger". To me that is pretty Scorpionic indeed, not to mention the start of a polygamous mindset that lasts to this day - he had about 6 wives or so one quite young - Scorpionic indeed, along with death (martyrdom) and sex (ploygamy and veils/capital punishment for cheating) having a lot to do with Islam. We have Eris doing the Aquarian thing of changes in religious ideas during a Scorpionic time producing Scorpio stuff that reverberates even now.

    We should expect Eris to produce big changes while in Aquarius no matter what sign it rules. That happened in 704 - 762. 704 started the Eighth Century. Briefly, at Wikipedia we read: During this century the Middle East, the coast of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula comes rapidly under Islamic Arab domination. The westward expansion of the Arab Empire is famously halted at the Siege of Constantinople by the Bulgarians and the Byzantines and the Battle of Tours by the Franks. The tide of Arab conquest came to an end in the middle of the 8th century". Scandanavia also conquered parts of Europe then so we have big changes while Aquarius rules in rulership itself. Not surprising, is it?

    Let's not forget that Aries rules new beginnings and not just war. Eris was in Aries in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and showed the Earth is round.

    In 1800 Eris gets back to Aquarius again, and inventions start, fueling the Industrial Revolution that is presently occuring. In 1925 we're back to Aries again, a time of new beginnings, when our view of the world totally changes once again, like it did last time in 1492, not to mention some serious wars go on.

    Naturally the next step is to look at charts of people like Mohammed, Columbus, Einstein (especially inventors!) and see what kind of aspects they have with Eris. We hope there is some similarlity. Naturally inventors of the 1800s (19th c) will have some aspects the same as Columbus, because Eris came full circle then...

    Cheers, awesome question, had fun exploring it. :-)

    Source(s): : visual of orbit of Eris and Eris Ephemeris.
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    Eris (aka 2003 UB 313, Xena) is the largest currently known member of the Kuiper Belt and the largest of the dwarf planets.

    orbit: 10,128,000,000 km from the Sun (average)

    diameter: 2450 km

    Eris (latin Discordia) is the Greek/Roman goddess of strife and discord.

    Eris was discovered by Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz in 2005, from ground-based images taken in 2003.

    Eris is the object the precipitated the definition of the category "dwarf planets" and the demotion of Pluto. It is larger than Pluto so logically either Eris had to be a "planet" or Pluto had to be reclassified. (There is considerable inaccuracy in our best measurements of its diameter, however.)

    Eris has a small moon named Dysnomia

    Edit: See the second link.

    Ganymede and Titan both outer planet moons, are larger than the rest of these bodies. Mercury, Callisto, Io, our Moon, Europa, and Triton all larger than Pluto. If size does not matter, why aren't these used for astrology but much smaller asteroids and a comet (Chiron) are used?

    Edit: Astronomers give out the names of space objects not astrologers. Wonder what would be said if Eris was named Xena like some wanted? That could have made Lucy Lawless a high priestess?

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    Discovered in January 2005, it is larger than Pluto and consequently has superseded the later, and is now considered as the 10th Planet.

    It is one of the largest Dwarf Planet known.

    It is native to a Region beyond the Kuiper Belt, and has a Moon named Dysnomia.

    It is probably too early to associate any relevant Astrological interpretation to Eris.

    But, in due time, it will come.

    Take care.

    EDIT : I can observe that it takes 120 to 122 years to progress through a Sign.

    In 1926, moved from Pisces into Aries.

    In 2047, will enter Taurus.

    More information :

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Eris is always talked about as discord as if this were soemthing that she promotes rather than uses - There are a funny (humourous) group of peopel who practise discordianism whcih is really an anarchic humourfull meta awareness based spirituality.

    Eris was very clever and it was more that she outed discord than promoted it. Her twin brother Ares was the god of war. I think peopel get too hung up on non neutral explanations of these characters. Nuit was I think their grandmother so they were pretty near the beginning of time and formlessness. I think of Eris as one who promotes healing though outing discord in the system.

    Sorry not an astrologer - sun in aries - had to tell what I know about Eris for whom I have respect.

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