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Hello, this question might be weird, but i was just wondering. my last menstrual cycle was from february 2nd to febr. 7th. (in january it was the same from 2nd to 7th. i never had it to be exact the same like this) Today is march 8th and i was wondering if this considers to be late? my breasts are tender and hurt to touch and i do experience a little cramping like i would do before my usual period. Should i consider my periods to be late or it is normal. thank you!


my periods are never on the same date. i am not worring about that. the usual period should come every 28-35 days and it is 34th day already and it hasn't started yet.

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    Not every woman will have exactly the same number of days each month between periods. Your Jan to Feb was 31 days, and it has only been 34, so that wouldn't be considered late especially if you vary up to 35 often. I was one of the lucky ones that you could set your clock by every 32 days, no matter what I did. It actually sounds like you are getting period symptoms anyway.

    best wishes..

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    no, thats very normal. Unless you've had your period for like 10 years, its actually pretty unlikely that your period would come and leave on the exact same days for two months. Your cycle is not late, ur fine.

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