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I need some advice on getting Patent Law degree in NYC area.?

I am graduating senior at Brooklyn college getting Chemistry BS degree. Recently I started doing research about Patent Law, the field seems to be very interesting.

I am not too sure whether I should continue more with chemistry gradute school. I was told that getting a master's or PhD might help me a little in getting a job, but they probably aren't worth wasting the years in school. To become a patent lawyer I would just need to have a bachelor's degree in chemistry. After this, get a law degree (3 years) and pass both the "patent bar" and the bar examination for the state in which I want to practice. I do not know whether or not I can believe this information.

So, I am kind of lost with this situation... could you please give me an advise me about what to do?

I really appreciate your time and help.



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  • 1 decade ago
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    You don't need a law degree to practice patent law. You need a law degree to become a patent attorney or if you want to litigate. However, you can prosecute patents as a patent agent even without a law degree.

    A bachelors degree in chemistry is sufficient for litigation. Whether it is sufficient for patent prosecution is another question. In my experience, having a masters or PhD in chemistry helps with respect to patent prosecution in the chemical arts. That being said, I think pursuing an advanced degree in chemistry simply to pursue a career in patent law is a bad idea.

    Source(s): I'm a patent attorney.
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