What is the best solution for a Media Center for a home network?

I am wanting to have a home network media center that would provide several services & I need some help deciding what the best solution for what I desire. I have about 1TB of media (pictures/movies/music) and also currenltly have a 1TB external hard drive. I am looking for either a NAS / Home server that stores my media and allows access from my Home network using a TV / PC / Laptop & possibly the Web if I am out of my house. I also have multiple Ipods that need to sync to the Media using itunes.

I would also like to play movies & music stored on the network from my home theature.

Any suggestions? I am trying to stay price sensitive, but am willing to build something myself if this is the best solution for the $.

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    Try using a WIFI enabled and ethernet enabled home theater systems .

    You can WIRELESSLY connect your laptop to it and get music.

    make sure it comes with and hdmi port and regular audio/video out put.

    The hdmi is so you can connect the home theater system to your HDtv and if you chose you can connect it via hdmi to you computer(if it has an hdmi port)

    Oh and if you have multiple ipods to sync a good investment would be to invest in an apple AIRport.

    here are some websites and products you should check out.

    APPLE AirPort- http://reviews.cnet.com/wireless-access-points/app...


    By the way the apple airport comes with an audio jack so you can stream music from your computer/ipod to your stereo


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