what are some evil (witch) names that start with K or C?

I am writing a story and I need a powerful name that starts with either K or C. It can also be a godess that is evil. Thanks for your help. :D


ps this is for a woman character

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    How about Katie C? Ha-ha just kidding.

    Here's a few:

    Kimatra- Hindu- A beloved person.

    Kineta- Greek: Peaceful

    Kirilee- A tree name

    Kirima- Eskimo Kirima means a hill.

    Kirti- Hindu A famous person

    Klementyna- Polish It means happiness.

    Kohana- Japanese A little flower name.

    Kohia- Polynesian a person with a strong desire.

    Kolina- Greek/Swedish It means pure as water.

    Kolora- Aboriginal Freshwater.

    Komal- Hindu

    Konstanze- German Constant.

    Kumari- Sanskrit It means a beautiful daughter.

    Kyeema- Aboriginal Kangoroo.

    Kyon- Korean Kyon means bright.

    Kyrena- A woman from North Africa

    Kyrenia- A woman from North Africa

    * All of the names could potentially start with a C, but here are some C names anyway:

    Cade- It means pure

    Cadee- It means pure

    Cadence- Latin Cadence means rhythmic.

    Cadrian- Rhian

    Cairine- Gaelic It means pure.The name comes from Catherine or katherine.

    Cairistiona- Scottish Gaelic It's the name of the follower of Christ, a Christian.

    Carmita It means a garden of grove.

    Carna Arabic It means to horn

    been married

    Carine Love

    Carissa Latin The most beautiful one

    Carina Aboriginal Carine it's a woman who has recently been married

    Cardinia Aboriginal Morning

    Carensa Beloved.

    Carenza Beloved.

    Carha A big stone.

    You could have also typed in "Unique names starting with k " on google and you can look at a bunch if these aren't what you're looking for.

    Also try: Kollista Cercoven.

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    Chu chu, soo cute,

    Kiki (delivery service)

    Karin ( manga )

    Cassandra ???

    Constantine xxx

    Casablanca xxx

    Chalem -> Salem (good character actually)

    K.F.C. (evil for the chicken)

    Kyrie Elleison. (God have mercy)

    i think even a bad person will love a beautiful name, no? make them feel guilty for a while

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    Try Circe or Kirke. Last time I ran into those guys, they turned me into a newt! But I got better......


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    Contesador, Kienda, Count Communist (just kidding) Sir Crap. (another kidding) But seriously. Sir Crap could be what the good people call him or her.

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