What can one expect at the central screening office for correctional officer applicants?

A little curious about the process. Will it be long and a lot of waiting? Do they give you an interview there, if so what will they ask? Will there be a lot of people there? Please describe in detail what goes on at the central screening office.

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    All States have their individual examinations prepared by the Civil Service Commission. In 1970 there were about 100 candidates taking the test. The test was a written test encompassing 3 hours. English Comprehension, Situation questions, Math questions, Report writing.

    Out of the 100 candidates only 6 of us passed the exam. We were then scheduled for a physical examination, and endurance examination, running, jumping, climbing, and carrying. On another day we were sworn in as Correction Officers, given our equipment, rules, regulations, shields. We were Peace Officers under the New York State Criminal Procedure Law. Therefore having the power of arrest, serving warrants etc. Including carrying a revolver when off duty. We did not at that time attend a academy. Today each officer must complete academy training. I retired with the rank of Lieutenant.

    Source(s): Having 23 years of experience in the New York State Dept. of Corr. Services. 1970 - 1993.
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