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Whats better Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7?

Whats better Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7

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    ie7 because Firefox can give away your passwords

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    You have to look at a number of things...

    1. Personal preference

    2. Security

    3. Ease of use

    4. Extensibility

    5. Speed

    And the list could be longer.

    I would pick Firefox over IE, Safari or Chrome because it is tops in most of those categories or equal to another browser. IE is buggy, Safari and Chrome are not extensible or customizable. Firefox is the every person browser because it can be what you want it to be.

  • 3 years ago

    I ? Mozilla Firefox! i might never use the rest. It infrequently freezes (and that i mean infrequently!) and while it does you are able to basically start up returned the place you have been. It additionally blocks pop-united stateslike no one's enterprise and this is totally undemanding to sparkling your historic previous in case you ever might desire to. i'm not precisely a working laptop or laptop genus or something yet I genuinely think of that Firefox is a lot extra helpful than cyber web Explorer.

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    Firefox is better because it provides you more security. Now firefox version 3.0.7 is out which has fixed the recent 3 bugs. Also you can use a lot of free addons like download accelerator, image fetcher, streaming video downloader ...and so on...a long list of features are there waiting for you for free of cost...unlike of the IE which is rubbish.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Firefox 3

    o Loads faster

    o There are a lot of plug ins available

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    1 decade ago

    Firefox 3

    IE is buggy, insecure and the slowest browser avaible

    Stay away from IE at all costs

    I recommend Google Chome, what i use

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