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Whats better Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7?

Whats better Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7?

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    Anything's better than Internet Explorer, including Firefox.

    But you should also give Opera and Google Chrome a try.

    Safari's not that great, but even Safari is better than Internet Explorer.

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    in my experience...

    #1 Firefox

    #2 Safari

    #3 Internet Explorer

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    you may look at various issues... a million. very own selection 2. secure practices 3. Ease of use 4. Extensibility 5. velocity And the record might desire to be longer. i might %. Firefox over IE, Safari or Chrome by using fact this is tops in maximum of those categories or equivalent to a distinctive browser. IE is buggy, Safari and Chrome are actually not extensible or customizable. Firefox is the every physique browser by using fact this is what you go with it to be.

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    Definitely FF3! Tons of benchmarks out there to prove it.

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