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希望英文高手幫幫忙 ^^

1.He's late.

2.The weather is terrible.

3.He's lost.

4.His cell phone is broken.

5.The lines are long.

6.The bus is cowded.

7.The traffic is awful.

8. He's sick.



簡短就好 ^^

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    One day, Jack is sick, but he has to visit one of his clients in a city where he has never been before. The weather is terrible, and he's lost. He wants to tell his client that he will be late, but his cell phone is broken.

    After 10 minutes, he finds a bus station, but the lines are long. Finally, he gets on the bus. The bus is crowded, and the traffic is awful. The client is very angry because he's late.



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    My boyfriend's name is Gerry,we had a date last weekend but he was late!I recalled that day the weather was terrible and he was being so late,I was worried maybe he was lost!

    Gerry told me his cell phone was broken because he dropped it last night before the date and I left my cell phone at home as well.I tried to find a public phone around the area,but the lines are long and seem take forever,I made my mind I wanna take a bus to his house and see what happen.That day was really not my day,the bus was cowded and the traffic was awful,I spent one hour to get his place.When the moment I saw him,I finally knew what was going on,my poor Gerry didn't feel well,he was sick!

    God bless him!

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