Did anybody see how "Ruso" made "JRF" look like a fool in Futbol Picante?

haha man "Ruso" made "JRF" look stupid when JRF said that there was more chivita fans in the crowd that was there. but then Ruso made him know that there was actually more americanistas because everytime ruso said chivas most of the crowd would Boo, and everytime he said America most of the crowd would cheer. and after that JRF would just point out the small amount of pple tht were chivas. haha lmao


@ kido: Danmm u went..Lucky haha...i wish i was there para rayarsela a Jose Ramon, i bet alot of americanistas did though lmao

Update 2:

@ Rojinegro: Yeah and u guys better play like that against chivas next week, haha. because everytime a team plays against chivas it seems like they play tired or something. and wen they go against america they play like if it was a final haha..but its all good haha shaooo!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I went to Plaza Mexico to see them!

    Yes there was more America fans, but there was more Chivas fans with there Chivas shirts on, seems strange, hahahaha.

    I had a great time there. I got Ramon Ramirez's signature on my Rafa Marquez Poster. I know seems kind of dumb but it's all I had that was cool I guess. I almost got Jorge Ramos' signature 2 times but he had to leave. I wanted to get the Futbol Picante guys' signature but my dad wanted to leave and so yea. Anyways it was an awesome day. Though the only bad thing was that Chivas lost to Jaguares 2-0 which they showed on a huge screen. Though it wasn't really clear since it was being hit by the sun.

    EDIT: Oh believe me there was a lot of trash talking at Jose Ramon and Brailovsky, especially when they took the Chiva and America shirts out when they were talking to Claudio and Ramon Ramirez.

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    1 decade ago

    i was gonna go but i was busy

    i did see it on tv and i was lmao

    ruso kept mentioning the chivas lost to jose ramon fernandez and jose ramon kept saying that atlante was gonna beat america

    those two make me laugh hard

    it was funny how some of the fans would boo ruso and other fans boo jose ramon

    i have to admit that these two make futbol picante interesting and fun to watch

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    damn it i regret not going i live about 30 min away form plaza mexico, but i saw futbol picante and yeah jose ramon fernandez siempre dice sus pendejadas and no one tells him anything unless ruso is there to shut him off.i like when ruso is in futbol picante.honestly the only good people there is fuentes, el ruso, procuna, and somewhat albert y el analista arbitral the rest suck.jrf would be better if he only Analyze the games instead of showing a lot of his hatred towards america the show would be better.

  • Jose Ramon can suck on my :-------

    I remember when America was losing in the Ida vs Flamengo, his dumba$$ wasn't supporting the Mexican team. We Mexicans should always stick together. Instead "Ruso" was supporting everyone else, and he isn't even Mexican.

    Arriba Mexico

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    Hahaha yeah hes the Number 1 Anti-Americanista ever.(Jose Mamon Fernandez)

    He on chivs nuts tho, cause he keeps sayin chivs blah blah blah

    super equipo, popular blah blah.

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    I'm not going to sit here and brainlessly point out Jose Ramon's flaws—we all know he has them—but I am going to say a little about how Jose's editorials are an inerudite carnival of opportunism. One of the first facts we should face is that I want my life to count. I want to be part of something significant and lasting. I want to tell Jose where he can stick it. Am I being too idealistic—a Pollyanna—when I suggest that all we need to do is lay out some ideas and interpretations that hold the potential for insight? I don't think so. Admittedly, violence is a crutch for the depravity of which directionless urban guerrillas are capable, but he maintains a "Big Brother" dossier of information about everyone he distrusts, to use as a potential weapon. Is your name listed in that dossier? I don't pretend to know the answer but I do know that he insists that his objectives are all sweetness and light. Sorry, Jose, but, with apologies to Gershwin, "it ain't necessarily so."

    You should be sure to let me know your ideas about how to deal with Jose. I myself am eager to listen to your ideas and I hope that I can grasp their essentials, evaluate their potential, look for flaws, provide suggestions, absorb feedback, suggest improvements, and then put the ideas into effect. Only then can we rouse people's indignation at Jose. He is not interested in a true and honest improvement of social conditions but rather in a way to uproot our very heritage and pave the way for his own cynical value system. Please re-read and memorize that sentence if you still believe that hectoring, tasteless gasbags of one sort or another are easily housebroken. The basal lie that underlies all of Jose's disorderly orations is that he is cunctipotent. Translation: Ebola, AIDS, mad-cow disease, and the hantavirus were intentionally bioengineered by inimical, dissolute fugitives for the purpose of population reduction. I doubt you need any help from me to identify the supreme idiocy of those views but you should nevertheless be aware that this makes me fearful that I might someday find myself in the crosshairs of Jose's predaceous cop-outs. (To be honest, though, it wouldn't be the first time.)

    I, for one, will not stand by and let anyone twist my words or change my position in order to serve some passive-aggressive political strategy. I could write pages on the subject, but the following should suffice. Jose's dissertations are not an abstract problem. They have very concrete, immediate, and unpleasant consequences. For instance, I have begged Jose's compeers to step forth and win the culture war and save this country. To date, not a single soul has agreed to help in this fashion. Are they worried about how Jose might retaliate? You know the answer, don't you? You probably also know that we must unmistakably catalogue Jose's swindles and perversions. Does that sound extremist? Is it too illiterate for you? I'm sorry if it seems that way but that's life. On a closing note, I hope that this letter, while incomplete, informal, and having no authority except its own inner strength and conviction, has clearly demonstrated to you that given the public appetite for more accountability, Jose Ramon has no evidence or examples to back up his point.

  • nope didnt c it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ........ SO YEA ATLAS BEAT INDIOS 3-1!!!!!!!!

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