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Megaman Starforce 3 website translation help?

i went to the megaman 3 website and its in Japanese and i need anyone that can read japanese to tell me what the words in the pictures and sentences on the websites say please i need ur HELP!!!!!!!!!! tell EVERY SINGLE WORD

what does this say









>> [Benefit] benefits first purchase "limited white card"!

>> [Info] Collectibles "noise modification gear" Handling Store List

>> [Info] Collectibles "noise modification gear two bullets" in 2009 will release on January 29!

次世代ワールドホビーフェア2009の「カプコン物販コーナー」と「スペシャルグッズ販売コーナー」にて、流星のロックマン3ノイズ改造ギア「DIABOLOS STAGE」を5パック買うと購入特典カードがもらえる!

Rockman 3 meteors finally decided to officially host the event!

2009年1月からはじまる「次世代ワールドホビーフェア’09 Winter」から開始するぞ! 2009 starting with a "next generation WARUDOHOBIFEA'09 Winter" I'm going to start with!

今大会のクラスは3クラス。 Class 3 championship class. ジュニア、シニアクラスは事前募集なのでハガキで応募しよう! Junior and senior classes shall apply in the pre-recruitment postcard so! 更に、年齢無制限のエキシビション大会『サバイバルマッチ』も開催するぞ! Furthermore, no age limit, tournament exhibition match at survival, you also!

今回はなんと、ジュニア・シニアクラスでロックマンの改造が可能になった! This time it was possible modification of the senior class in junior Rockman!

「ノイズ改造ギア」などの改造ツールで強化した君だけのオリジナルロックマンで大会に挑もう! "Noise modification gear"挑MOU the original Rockman game in which you just modified and enhanced tools!

★次世代ワールドホビーフェア’09Winter★ WARUDOHOBIFEA next'09Winter ★ ★

■次世代WHF’09 Winter開催日程 ■ Next Generation WHF'09 Winter Schedule 【応募締切】 [Deadline]

2009年1月18日(日) Sunday, January 18, 2009

大阪会場(京セラドーム) Osaka (Kyocera Dome) 大阪大会:1/6(火)必着 Osaka Championship: 1 / 6 (Tuesday) receipt

2009年1月24日(土)、25日(日) 2009 January 24 (Sat), 25 (Sun.)

東京会場(幕張メッセ) Tokyo (Makuhari Messe) 東京大会:1/9(金)必着 Tokyo Games: 1 / 9 (Friday) receipt

2009年2月1日(日) Sunday, February 1, 2009

名古屋会場(ナゴヤドーム) Place Nagoya (Nagoya Dome) 名古屋大会:1/14(金)必着 Nagoya tournament: 1 / 14 (Fri) receipt

2009年2月8日(日) Sunday, February 8, 2009

福岡会場(Yahoo!JAPANドーム) Fukuoka Place (Yahoo! JAPAN Dome) 福岡大会:1/21(金)必着 Fukuoka tournament: 1 / 21 (Fri) receipt

●大会内容(ジュニア、シニア、改造オフ) ● what event (junior, senior, converted off)

・予選 Qualifying

「チケット」を3枚スタッフから受け取って予選開始! "Ticket" to 3 qualifying started receiving pictures from the staff!

制限時間30分以内でできるだけ多くのウェーブバトラーに勝って、チケットを増やしていこう! UEBUBATORA time limit of 30 wins in as many minutes I'm going to increase the ticket! ただし、チケットが0枚になった時点で終了になるので注意! However, note that tickets will be 0 at the end each of us!

30分終了後、一番チケットが多かったウェーブバトラーが決勝戦へ進出だ! After 30 minutes, advancing to the championship game tickets were UEBUBATORA best!

・決勝戦 Final

各クラスの決勝戦はステージ上でのバトル! The final battle of the classes are on stage!

3本勝負で、先に2勝したウェーブバトラーが優勝だ! In game three, winning the first two wins of UEBUBATORA! 各クラス優勝者には、「オリジナル金メダル」「ウェーブマスタータペストリー」をプレゼント! The winner of each class, the "original gold" "UEBUMASUTATAPESUTORI" for free!

そして、「日本一決定戦」への出場権もGETだ! And "against Japan's decision" a ticket to GET it!

準優勝の選手にも「銀メダル」の他に豪華賞品をプレゼント! The players also won "silver" a gift to the other luxury prizes!

更に、今大会から「流星のロックマン3」公式サイトのサテライトサーバーに名前が登録されるぞ! Furthermore, from this tournament, "Meteor Man Lock 3" You'll be registered in the name of the Satellite Server website!

●大会参加賞はこれだ! ● participate in the tournament's prize!

1.「ノイズ改造ギア」プロモカード2種を全クラスでもれなくプレゼント! 1. "Noise modification gear" PUROMOKADO 2 MORENAKU present in all classes of the species!

▲『アルティメットソードマスター』 ▲ The ARUTIMETTOSODOMASUTA, ▲『フォースエレメント』 ▲ The FOSUEREMENTO,

フォースエレメントは次世代WHF大会のみの特別参加賞! WHF Awards FOSUEREMENTO join the next generation of the only special event!

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------

2.ブルークラウンデータ配信 2. BURUKURAUNDETA delivery

ゲーム内のプロフィールに水色の王冠が出現! Blue crown emergence profile of the game! さらに大会優勝者にはゴールドクラウン、 In addition to winning the tournament crown gold

準優勝者にはシルバークラウンをプレゼント! The Silver Crown runner-up for free!

※全てサバイバルマッチ参加者にも配布。 ※ distributed to all participants Survival match.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------

次世代WHFは大会の他にも体験コンテンツが盛りだくさん! WHF i


im only 12

Update 2:

im not really 12 im actually 14 i just said that to the other dude

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    Latest series! Amazing climax!!

    Shooting Star Rockman 3

    Black Ace

    Shooting Star Rockman 3

    Red Joker

    Now selling "Two Versions"!!

    Game Information [Wave Station]

    Data Base [Satellite Server]

    Related Information [Information]


    2009 March 6th

    [Information] "Book Information" Updated!

    [Satellite Server] "White Card Archives" Updated!

    2009 February 27th

    [Satellite Server] "White Card Archives" Updated!

    2009 February 20th

    [Satellite Server] "White Card Archives" Updated!

    2009 February 18th

    [Information] "Contest Video" Updated!

    2009 February 13th

    [Satellite Server] "Gold Wave Masters" Updated!

    2009 February 10th

    [Information] "Contest Video" Updated!

    2009 February 6th

    [Satellite Server] "Gold Wave Masters" Updated!

    2009 February 3rd

    [Information] "Contest Video" Updated!

    2009 January 30th

    [Satellite Server] "Gold Wave Masters" Updated!

    2009 January 28th

    [Information] "Contest Video" Updated!

    2009 January 23rd

    [Satellite Server] "Gold Wave Masters" Updated!

    2009 January 15th

    [Information] "Goods Information" Updated!


    Official Contest Opening! Join the Contest!

    "Wave Masters 2009" Opening!

    Noise Remodeling Gear


    First Special Privilege!

    "Limited White Card"

    Shooting Star Rockman 3 data book

    Secret Satellite Server

    Official Music Tie Up!


    Kick Chop Busters


    Official Site

    Koro-Koro Official Site Shooting Star 3 Banner Now Open to Public!

    "Shooting Star Rockman 3 Black Ace" "Shooting Star Rockman 3 Red Joker"

    o Now selling (2008 November 13th)

    o Genre: Brother Action RPG

    o Number of People: For 1~3 People (Wireless Play: 2~7 People)

    Shooting Rockman >> Series ENTER Page

    Rockman 9

    *To view this site, you need the latest "Flash Player".

    *This site has sounds. Please be careful with your volume. Pictures and videos are now being developed.


    CAPCOM: View Top

    CAPCOM: Game

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    CAPCOM: Fan Site


    By "Shooting Star Rockman", I think it means "Megaman Starforce".

    "what does this say"

    Seems like there isn't any information like before, but a Battle Program which a Satelapolis (?) would use for Virus Busting...

    Seems that, normally, only people who are in the Satelapolis (?) can use it, but by having the "Secret Satellite Server", they allow to access just a tiny bit.

    Oh, of course I'll guide you inside the Secret Satellite Server, too!

    The rest... you translated it? I think?

    So I'll leave that alone...

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    I would personally have the same problem. I want Megaman starforce 2 zerker x saurian and my sister has Mario Kart DS. I tried the Demo of Megaman Starforce 3 and Omega xis(the alien FMian) talks! That is a big improvement just like the way you can use the battle cards.The cards on the bottom can be used for something like area eater or paralyze plus.I saw Mario Kart DS and I think that it is okay.I have also played Mario Kart Wii and I see a similarity, but I do have to say that I would choose Megaman Starforce 3 because instead of racing your opponents, you can battle them!(but before you do that you would have to get a lot of HP and cards. Also you can download extra content when capcom says they are finished.Mario Kart DS doesnt have a big storyline, if any. Megaman Starforce 3 has a big storyline because of the first and second Megaman Starforce games and shows. That is proabably why I would choose Megaman Starforce 3. And if you get it, I'lsee if I can maybe become a friend.Just to let you know, It comes out in Bakersfield,Calif on June 30 2009 at Game Crazy. It might differ from location to location.

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    lol even i am 12

    and i think no one has patience

    to do all this translation

    they won't even wait after seeing this long question dude

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    You sir, need a girlfriend.

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    why are all the answers so short these days?

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