ABC summary of "The diary of anne frank"?

Anyone have time to write an ABC summary the diary of anne frank? I want to compare mines.

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    A- Annex. The attic she was confined to for two years.

    B- Bergen Belsen. That is where she died in March 1945.

    C- Cat. Anne had a cat named Moortje whom she loved very much. She was heart broken when she learned she had to leave it behind.

    D- Diary. Her diary is considered one of the most important documents of the Holocaust.

    E- Edith Frank. Anne's mother, who wanted Anne to act like a lady. She died at Auschwitz on January 6, 1945

    F- Fritz Pfeffer. A family friend of the Franks whose occupation is a dentist. He and Anne had to share a room together which Anne did not like at all. He died December 20, 1944 in Neuengamme.

    G- Gestapo. The people who work with the Nazis. They discovered the Franks and others on August 4, 1944. They were arrested and sent to a local, over crowded jail.

    H- Holocaust. Read here:

    I- Infactuation. She had an infactuation with Peter. (See P-Peter.)

    J- June and July. Anne was born on JUNE 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. On JULY 6, 1942, the Franks went into hiding.

    K- Killings. The Nazis killed anyone who opposed the Nazi regime. There were camps throughout Europe that killed a number of people.

    L- Legacy. Anne's diary has made a lasting impression for years to come. Her diary has been translated into over 60 different languages and is widely studied across schools and universities around the globe.

    M- Miep. A courageous woman who risked her safety to provide help for everyone hiding. She is still alive today at 100 years of age.

    N- Netherlands. The country they went to when the Nazis occupied Germany.

    O- Otto Frank. Out the eight hiding, he was the only one who survived the Holocaust. After learning that Anne passed away, he read her diary and decided to fulfill her wish by having it published. Turned down by two publishing companies, it eventually got published in 1952.

    P- Peter. Realizing Peter would probably the only boy she'll ever have a relationship with, her feelings for him had changed. She had a crush on him.

    Q- Quiet. Until the workmen went home, everyone had to remain silent until 5:00pm.

    R- Relationships. Anne noticed she had different relationships with the others. While she was close to Otto and her sister Margot, she was rather distant toward her mother and Mrs. van Pels.

    S- Sex. Anne was often curious about her sexuality. She wanted to know what womanhood was like.

    T- Thirteen. Anne received her diary on her thirteenth birthday.

    U- Understanding. Despite the living difficulties, Anne knew the only way to survive was to understand one another and see the beauty in everything.

    V- Victor Kugler. Another helper.

    W- Westerbork. A transit camp that everyone was sent to after their arrest. They stayed there for only one month and from there, they were sent to Auschwitz.


    Y- Yellow star. All Jews six years of age and older were required to wear a yellow star wherever they went. If caught not wearing one, they could be severely punished.

    Z- Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung (Central Office for Jewish Emigration). Margot received a summons to report to them for relocation at Westerbork. Read here:

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    Anne Frank Abc Book

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    First off, Anne frank is a girl not boy as you mentioned "is it made up by his father, otto ?!" Second, Anne wrote in a diary, but the screenplay which you probably read was written by her dad, but it was based off her diary. He didn't falsify things much if at all. Hope that helps.

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    The diary can never be summarized. This is not a literacy issue but a humanist issue.

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    I agree with the others. One must read the book and think about the events. Nevertheless, here are the efforts of two other students.

    Some related links that should also help.

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    are you trying to cheat on a paper? LOL =)

    Just kidding. =)

    I used to love that book.

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