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Do you think we should send troops into mexico?

There are major gang wars going on on the u.s. mexico border and thousands being killed and the mexican gov. can't handle it and this violence will soon be happening in the u.s. should we send in troops?

I think we should

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    Please, what I think we should do is quit our position as world police and instead concentrate on our on border.

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    Well, prohibition related gang violence has been killing thousands of Americans a year for decades, so it's not like this isn't happening in the USA already.

    Secondly, this violence is being fuelled by the USA drug trade, so if we can't even control our own drug users who are demanding the product supplied by these gangs, how the hell are we going to magically have success doing the same in Mexico?

    Not to mention that we have been unable to control the flow of weapons into Mexico, 90% of the guns used in crime in Mexico were smuggled in from the USA.

    And the army is completely utterly untrained and unprepared fro the mission you want to assign them too.

    Lastly, to put it mildly, this would be about as popular in Mexico as having the Mexican army march into LA to help us with our gang violence problem would be popular in the USA.

    America's drug prohibition policy made this problem in the first place, sending the troops in isn't going to fix it, it will make it worse.

  • I don't think we need to be sending troops into Mexico. I think if we send troops anywhere they should only be directly on the US side of the border stopping illegal smuggling of immigrants, drugs, etc. I agree with the previous answerer that if marijuana was legalized, the drug lords would lose massive amounts of cash, meaning a decreasse in gang violence in Mexico, therefore in the US.

    But you have to remember that gang violence and gangs are not all about drugs. They are also about your origins, such as if you are from Northern or Southern Mexico, Colombia, etc.

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    No however the united stateshas a USMC base basically north of San Diego the sea coast front sources on my own is worth billions there has been talk of shifting next to Mexico that should launch thousands of miles permit could desire to be policed to not point out the billions and billions of greenback it may usher in yet D C does not decide for to offend Mexico

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    This should be a collaborative effort between the US and Mexico; in fact, the US should not enter Mexico without invitation, unless in hot pursuit of miscreants.

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    People are not going to stop smoking pot. Legalization would take lots of money out of the pockets of the drug lords and provide tax revenue for the US which is in debt up to its eyeballs. Pot's not the only drug coming across, but it's a step in the right direction. People are allowed to get high if they drink something, but not smoke something. Where's the sense in that?

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    Not until we are invited by Mexicans. We should, however, reinforce the border from this side.

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    No. Instead a bit of border patrolling might help.

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    Not yet, but getting ready wouldn't be a bad idea.

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    Yes! Show them we mean business.

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