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did les paul invent the electric guitar?

this is an answer that i need for my homework. i need to find one thing that les paul invented. if he didn't invent the electric guitar and you know something else he invented, please tell. . . . .

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    Electric guitar


    Multi track recording


    Les Paul did not "invent" the electric guitar, but he did make wonderful improvements to it.

    "[Les Paul] created "The Log," which was nothing more than a length of common 4" by 4" fence post with bridge, guitar neck, and pickup attached"

  • In a sense he sorta did, but not really. He was the first person to play and invent electro-magnetic pick-ups for the guitar.

    Electric guitars were originally designed by an assortment of luthiers, guitar makers, electronics enthusiasts, and instrument manufacturers. Guitar innovator Les Paul experimented with microphones attached to guitars.[2] Some of the earliest electric guitars adapted hollow bodied acoustic instruments and used tungsten pickups. This type of guitar was manufactured beginning in 1932 by Electro String Instrument Corporation in Los Santos under the direction of Adolph Rickenbacher and George Beauchamp. Their first design was built by Harry Watson, a craftsman who worked for the Electro String Company. This new guitar which the company called "Rickenbacker" would be the first of its kind.[3]

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    No, the electric guitar was pioneered in the early 1930's by Rickenbacker.

    But Les Paul was an important pioneer in solid body electric guitars.

    But he did invent something just as or if not more important to music recording, the multi track recording.

  • les paul was the first person to invent electro-magnetic pick-ups for the guitar, making it the electric guitar. so in a sense, yes, he did.

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    He didn't invent the electric guitar. That was Rickenbacker, I believe... Adolf Rickenbacher and his partner to be exact. He just made improvements upon the body of electric guitars.

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    You have 3 good answers

    for future reference

    a quick wikipedia search will answer a LOT of your questions

    Les Paul

    a GREAT inventor

    that still plays regularly in the NY clubs

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