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Guys, what do u think of this wrestling statement (inside) ?

This came from one of the users in certain fansite :

"Shawn Michaels may have been better at wrestling than Taker when Shawn was in his prime.

That is no longer the case. Taker has continually gotten better, learning new moves and recreating his gimmick many times. Shawn Michaels has progressively gotten worse, and he’s never changed his gimmick. He is no longer able to get 5 star matches out of people like he used to. The last good match he had was at WM 19 with Jericho. I don’t know why everyone thought the matches those two put on last year were good, I thought they were sh*tty compared to their WM 19 match. Just more evidence that Michaels isn’t what he used to be.

I think he will be the let down in this WM match, Taker will be carrying the match, especially if he wins it, because Michaels hates to lose, especially at WM. So he’s going to be lazy and pissy all through the match, like Hogan at Judgment Day 2002. I don’t know how many people were watching WM in 2007 live, but Michaels chucked a fit before his match with Cena because he didn’t want to lose. I’m expecting him to pull a similar stunt this year. Because it’s no secret that Michaels and Taker don’t like each other."

Please tell me your opinion, OK?

For trolls and haters, why so serious ?

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    What's with all of the HBK hating? Everything that person said about HBK is NOT TRUE. I'm sorry, but HBK is better than that. He can still put on 5 Star matches. His last 5 Star match wasn't all those years ago either. Comparing him to Hogan. Is this person joking? Shawn is NOT like Hogan. Shawn doesn't slack off or get pissy either. He doesn't get lazy. He puts everything into EVERY match. I've never heard that HBK and Taker didn't like one another. I actually thought the total opposite. I'm sure they both respect one another and respect each others status in the WWE. Hbk puts younger people over. Also, When Taker won the Rumble, I didn't see a sore loser expression on his face. I saw a proud look on his face. Proud for Taker. If I wasn't one of Shawns biggest fans, I would still argue against this statement. That is not fair to say those things about Shawn. Shawn has been doing so much for the business since day 1. Taker is great and all, but come on...they BOTH still have a lot left in them. They both put on amazing matches on a daily basis. Taker will not be carrying the match...they will both put an equal amount of passion and energy into it. They will both steal the show. They are both Legends because of how talented they BOTH are. They are on the same level and are always talked about in the same sentence. They have nothing to be jealous about one another or anything. I seriously doubt that they "don't like each other". It's fine to be a huge fan of Taker...but at least give Shawn some credit. That man is just as good (in some people's eyes even better). To talk bad about the one and only's just wrong.

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    Those are some extremely strong words about a man who has earned respect. Shawn Michaels may not be young enough to pull off the whole "Heart Break Kid" name anymore, but he can still get amazing matches. As far as the whole "5 Star Match" remark, those are actually very rare, and when someone has had as many as Michaels has had in his career, that's very lucky. Of course Michaels and Jericho's match last year wasn't what it was at WrestleMania 19, because that was 6 years ago, and both men have aged, plus Jericho had been out of the ring for a while.

    As far as Michaels hating to lose at WrestleMania, here's my response to that, who actually likes to lose? Exactly! Now, personally, I think Cena vs Michaels is one of the best matches WM has ever had, especially of the Sports-Entertainment Era. Plus, what's with this person's idea that Michaels and Taker don't like each other? These two men have been in the same company for an extremely long time, and I'd guess they've developed a good relationship, at least one of common ground and respect, if not friendship.

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    Sounds like a 'Taker Mark to Me...

    HBK has gotten Worse? Ok...

    He May Not Be the Showstopper of the Mid '90's Anymore , but He Sure as Hell can Still pull off a Great Match.

    Did He Ever Stop to think HBK was carrying Jericho?

    Not Saying He was , but it's a Possibility.

    And HBK Throwing a Fit? Well Duh , He's Always Been that Way.

    That is Nothing New.

    It Doesn't Matter if They Don't Like Each Other , They're both Professionals & Will Put on the Best Possible WM match They Can. With HBK Losing Obviously. I Doubt with Shawn's 6-9 WM Record , He Cares about Winning or Losing Anymore...

    Source(s): The Future of Pro Wrestling has spoken.
  • Don't think anyone can deny that Shawn Michaels is no longer the wrestler he was back in his prime but even so he's still better than most of the WWE roster.

    This guy is acting like Undertaker has not yet gone past his prime which is completely untrue. He's suffered injuries so bad I'm surprised he's still wrestling. These two individuals are simply trying to work within the boundaries that have been set for them. So WHAT if HBK hasn't changed his moveset or his gimmick in a billion years. Does he NEED to?

    IMO his moveset right now is perfectly fine and he's such a big name in the business he doesn't need to change his gimmick in order to attract a new fanbase. Shawn Michaels is a given, plain and simple. I'm not gonna comment on the Y2J matches anymore since I haven't seen them.

    Michaels was a prick early in his career but let's face it, the guy's past 40 and a born-again Christian, don't you think a little age and a shift in worldview would change someone just a LITTLE bit? I don't think he will b*tch and moan about winning or losing anymore; I can imagine that instead he'd be honored to be a part in what would probably be the biggest match ever in the history of Wrestlemania. I have faith in the pair of them.

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  • Complete rubbish .

    Obvious it was written by someone with blind hatred for HBK .

    Everytime I think wresting fans cannot be more cynical or stupid , something like this comes along .

    HBK , in my humble opinion , has always been better than Taker .

    It’s no secret that Michaels and Taker don’t like each other."

    - Have you met either of them ? Have they personally told you that they hate each other or did you find out on a C grade website ?

    HBK has never changed his gimmick ?

    So what , Undertaker has also had the same Dead man thing for a long time .

    Anyway , HBK does not change stuff because he does not need to , he's already perfect , how can you improve perfection ?

    There was a reason Ric Flair CHOSE HBK for his final match , and not Taker .

    I could rant on this all day about the sheer uselessness and failure of this worthless post , but I have better things to do .

    And I think that BOTH HBK and Taker will carry each other to a great match , which taker will win .

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    lol whoever typed that is an idiot.

    HBK isn't what he was back in 1996 or 1997 but hes still one of the best. and to say he hasn't had a good match since WM19 is just idiotic. did that person watch WMXX or 21 with kurt angle or 23 when he pulled that bum cena to a great match or how bout last year when he made a 59 year old ric flair look great again.

    thats only WM matches i named.

    and no hes not gonna be lazy cuz he doesn't wanna lose to taker.....HES THE ONE WHO PITCHED THE IDEA TO CREATIVE A FEW MONTHS BACK.

    and why would he have a fit about losing to cena. 1--> cena is hhh's boy. hhh and hbk are best friends and 2---> HBK doesn't wanna be champ. he barely wrestles a full schedule and if he did wanna be champ he would be. why? cuz hes HBK.

    as far as HBK and Taker not liking each other. they've never been friends but they've always respected each other and they've never been enemies.

    btw for the record i think HBK/Undertaker should be the main event/closing match.

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    1. Edge-Jericho should feud with The Hart Dynasty: Yes, they should feud.. It would give Dynasty a big push.. 2. Orton-HHH-Cena : Boring as hell.: Definitely agree.. I think it's one of the most boring feuds in the history of wrestling.. Well, this one recently, because back in 2006, HHH-Cena was interesting.. 3. Jericho vs Taker vs Morrison for WM 26 will be better than Jericho vs Taker for WM 26: I disagree.. I think there's no need to make it a Triple Threat Match when Y2J and 'Taker can steal the whole show.. 4. Mark Henry is a main eventer: No.. 5. Believing Taker will return at Summerslam 2009 as ABA is beyond stupid.: No, I think anything can happen, and it would make his persona better since personally for me, I am tired of 'The Deadman' gimmick.. 6. Legacy needs to stop ASAP: Oh gosh, yes please.. 7. ECW > RAW: I agree 100% percent.. Raw sucks.. But now with Jack Swagger in Raw, it CAN make a difference.. 8. Swagger will be 'killed' just like MVP on RAW.: Back to my previous answer, I don't think that will happen.. MVP got "killed" because of his baby-face turn.. 9. The next NBA finals will be held inside HHH's left nostril.: Yes, it's big enough to hold it.. 10. Wrestlemania without Mr. Wrestlemania & The Streak will never be the same.: You got that right.. WrestleMania was made for Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, and without those guys, it won't feel good..

  • I'm going to be honest and straight up, this will be the biggest match of both of their careers, hands down. Keep in mind that they did have phenomenal, classic matches that we will never forget. Also keep in mind their classic match in the cell and their last match they had together at Royal Rumble 98'. We all know that these two have accomplished many things and are now established as legends and future inductees of the Hall of Fame.

    Now to be more detailed on why I think so is because for one, this is a WrestleMania match. Both just happen to be the biggest names in WrestleMania and also happen to be the man with the streak and the man who is known for some of the controversial events in the WWE. This is both of their defining moments as legends and their "finishing touch" (don't think I mean their retiring because that's not what I'm saying). With these two working together probably one last time, we're guaranteed to have a match that will come down in history and never to be forgotten, no matter who wins or loses.

    But at all it is scripted HBK may win, But both are great

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    I don't know about Taker and HBK not liking one another, but I do know that both of them can get the best out of their opponents no matter how seemingly unskilled or limited they are. In short, I disagree with the statements about HBK. It will be interesting how the two of them will get the best out of one another this time since it happened a decade before. This match at Wrestlemania will be awesome.

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    idk strong words or remarks

    Taker vs hbk i really hope he don't pull a hogan match with this

    I understand why he would catch a fit with cena, Wm 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 were great from shawn i give these 5 stars and many people as well.

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