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davec asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

If you call the policies of the Bush administration failed, how do you describe Obama's?

Even if you can nail this depression on Bush, what signals are you seeing that indicate Obama is on a winning, redeeming course because I sure the hell don't see them.


Nice commentary Adam but how about answering the question?

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    You don't because you can't.

    Obama's performance is UNSPEAKABLE.

    Instead of tending to the business of dealing with the melt-down of the mortgage market and the banking crisis that it caused, he's more interested in using the current situation to push forward his radical far-left agenda and get legislation enacted while everyone is in a panic.

    That's why he keeps talking down the economy, using words like "crisis" and "catastrophe," inciting class warfare, and threatening doom if we don't enact his programs come hell or high water.

    Last week, he held a health care summit.

    For God's sake, we are having a hard time making ends meet and he says that health care is the worst problem in America.

    Then he tries to get everybody talking about Rush Limbaugh???


    The Stock Market is CRASHING because NOBODY has any faith in Obama.


    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to visit looking for you to help Europe and the world.

    All he got was 25 DVDs of old US movies.

    You might as well have told him to screw himself until after you pass your stupid agenda.

    That's all you care about, Owe-Bama.

    You left-wing crap.

    While America and the world go down the toilet.

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  • Power
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    1 decade ago

    You are a person who wants a garden & decides what you want & drawls a plan then expects to go out & make a salad. You have to buy seeds & plant them. I find it hard to believe that people think Bush was doing a great job. We told you all this was happening but for 8 years reps. ignored what was going on. The lies were OK. Now you want a miracle. Sometimes even miracles take time.

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    Obama is causing the stock market to fail, because he wont shut up about Nationalized healthcare, and taxing the wealthy.

    If you had money, would you invest it, only to have it compromised by higher taxes??

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  • SGT V
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    1 decade ago

    Progress. Bush ruled over the SNAFU for 8 years. Obama has been in office for what, 45 days?

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    In one word : "DISASTROUS"

    Today he wants to reach out to moderate "Taliban" what is next, He will be giving away Rhode Island to Taliban in exchange for peace.

    Just like our Friends in Pakistan did to give away "SWAT Valley" in exchange for peace which lasted what 5 Days.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The current crisis is Hussein's and Hussein's alone. He took an economic setback and turned it into a full scale recession which is now going into a major Depression.

    All because he is an empty suit without skill or ability to be President. He has not, because he cannot, bring about the confidence needed to move wall street out of this mess. He is a complete joke!

  • gcason
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    1 decade ago

    Epic fail.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Uber Failed

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