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tattoo middle of your back. 1-10?

how bad does a tattoo between yours shoulder blades hurt?

oh a scale from 1-10??


1 least and 10 worst

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    Mine, on the contrary, was probably about an 8!

    (if we're talking about pain on the tattoo scale that is - if it's compared to other stuff in life then it's a 1/10 after having been through childbirth!)

    It was my first tattoo though so I was very tense, and it was a long and detailed job... but yeah, it rates as one of my more painful. Which should show you that pain really is relative to everybody. If it could be a 1/10 for one person and an 8/10 for another then there is no point in asking because you could be pegged anywhere between those points. Just eat a big meal before you go, try and relax and breathe through the painful bits. Take an ipod too. And don't even think about painkillers or alcohol. I'm sure mine was only so bad because of the psychological build up I gave it. If I'd gone in chilled out and prepared I doubt it'd have been so bad.

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    hurts but not a lot. my sister recently got a rose in between her shoulder blades and admitted it did not hurt,

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    It will depend on you and your soreness threshold. What will think like agonising soreness to anybody else might think like a scratch to you. My finger tattoo did not hassle me, my husband has the designated identical within the identical situation and moaned and moaned!

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    1 decade ago

    I have one there and I would say a 3 it didn't really hurt just more of a stingy scraping feeling!! But I love mine it's perfect it shows when you want it too and doesn't when you need it too!!

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  • MJ
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    1 decade ago

    assuming 1 is the lesser amount of pain then thats my answer. mine didnt hurt at all.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just get one baby girl and if you do ill let you do me

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