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How do they track the NBA standings?

Can anyone tell me how they track the standings for the NBA?


So they use the winning precentage to decide who is in first?

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    you're kidding right.

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    keep track of the record and get the mean (avg) of the wins and losses the percentage whos ever is best is #1

    it think you add all the wins and losses then divide by how much #s there are or something like that havent done it since 2nd grade

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    Huh? I don't really know what you're asking. The standings are on many websites,,, on yahoo, in newspapers, they're all over.

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  • Can you rephrase your question?

    Edit: Jimmy's right. Check for standings but I really don't know what you're asking.

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    Well you can just get internet on your phone and just check any time your curious. Here's the standing page:

    For more info go to

    I hope I helped.

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    they add the number of games won and lost and then they figure out how much percent of the games were won

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    Um they count wins and losses.... Not so complicated

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