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US Australian Dual Citizenship?

I am a US citizen who will be married to an Australian citizen. I would like to have an Australian citizenship without loosing my US citizenship. I would like my wife to have the same dual citizenship with the US. Will we be able to make this work?

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    Although the USA doesn't encourage dual citizenship, it does allow and recognise it and Australia has no problem at all with the concept and has millions of dual citizens. You will be able to have both once you qualify and apply for Australian citizenship which you can do after living here for 4 years after your Australian spouse visa is issued. You must make it clear at that time that you do not intend giving up your US citizenship so make sure you don't check any wrong boxes or make any conflicting statements.


    Your wife won't automatically get US citizenship until you go through the process of petitioning for a US spouse visa for her in much the same way as she has sponsored you for your Australian visa. I think you could possibly get a spouse visa for her from Australia but I know she can't qualify for citizenship if she doesn't live in the USA for several years after being granted her green card.

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    Marriage alone will not qualify either one of you for each other's citizenship. There are residency requirements.

    In order for her to apply for US citizenship, you have to live in the US, she then has to get a greencard, and only after meeting the residency requirements can she apply for citizenship

    If you wanted to become an Australian citizen, you would need to live with her in Australia for at least 4 years before you could apply for citizenship

    Neither of you would have to give up your own citizenship to get the other's. She can be Australia-US and you can be US-Australian

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    US doesn't require any American who has citizenship with another country to renounce their citizenship. So, a person could certainly be both an American and an Australian, but they would be required to use their US passport to go in and out of the US.

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    there are some countries that put restrictions to having another citizenship, like china or korea for example, but this is not the case of the USA nor Australia, as an american citizen you can have as much citizenships as you want, but if you want the chinese for example, you can't, it's the country whom you want the citizenship that may refuse you to have dual citizenship, but america has no problem with that and Australia either, so yes you can make this work for you and your wife, i have duel citizenship, american and moroccan cause i am married to an american.

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    No. To be a US citizen, you must renounce other citizenships. She could apply to be a legal resident in the US, if that's where you will be staying, and still keep her Australian citizenship, but she would have to pick one or the other: keep Australian citizenship, or apply to be a US citizen and renounce the Australian. It appears that Australia doesn't require this, but the US does.

    The other way around, for you, I'm not sure.

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