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Diane asked in Food & DrinkEntertaining · 1 decade ago

Questions about having a high school graduation party?

Its for my son and I would like to know what I can do to keep his friends interested in the party. Alcohol is not an option. 10PTS for the best suggestions.

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    Remember that you are giving this party for someone that is near and dear to you. You raised them from just a twinkle in your eye. Sometimes you wondered if it would ever happen- but it did. Be proud. But, it is their party - you only toiled until your knuckles were raw and you haven't slept in a week and...on the other hand, it's probably your money. Sit your graduate down and come to an understanding before the event and review each person's expectations. Do's, don'ts and I could live with that's.

    BUT Don't get carried away with constant activity. Make sure your the party is a relaxing and fun event with time to socialize. After dinner provide a means for the graduate and guests to listen to some music.


    also Don't assume anything.

  • Parish
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    1 decade ago

    To be honest when I graduated a few years ago, all the graduation parties just ran together, and there were so many parties that none really stood out (other than the "parents out of town wooo alcohol parties"). For a parent thrown clean party, the ones that kept me there for more than a few minutes before heading to a different one, was good food. Get good food. Definately a good cake, there was so much cake that few weeks after graduation, almost all of them were the same run of the mill grocery store one, when someone had a really good cake it was definately noticed by the students and appreciated.

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    Get a band to come play in your basement. Rent a half pipe. Buy a good set of speakers with a zune full of music. Maybe get a hookah they should all be 18 and I hear they are tasty and of coarse better than cigarettes.

    Most definitely alcohol just buy a bunch and pile it in the basement.

    Tell your son,

    "I do not want any alcohol at your part but I cant stop you and if the alcohol in the basement disappears I will not mind. But don't invite any losers that will get drunk and make the police come for being to loud or some dumb drunk thing."

    And tell him "smoking is only aloud in the basement no more than one joint or bowl of marijuana is to be smoked at once and cigarettes should be lit to cover up the smell while smoking marijuana."

    And tell him if people are going to f$&# they need to do it in a closet.

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    In my opinion... I think a nice backyard party with a D.j maybe and good food not too much family/ supervision/adults that should be a separate dinner or something.

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  • I say just a place to hang out and have fun. How about a pool game? Or darts, if there are girls, how about slow songs as music, though music IS MANDITORY

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    well what does he like to do you can have it at a place your son likes to go or at the house what does your son like to do i have the party revolve around your son and stuff he likes

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    Id say have music, or darts, or poker for small coin prizes... Stuff like that

  • Anonymous
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    Without booze...next best thing...video games. Have a tournament with cash prize. If not cash, a date with mom!

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    food xD but seriously, these are tradition for graduates - open houses. i don't think you need anything unusual

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    No one is going to come unless there is a keg

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