Has anyone lost 21 grams while in an out of body experience?

A famous study back in 1907 by Dr Duncan MacDougall measured a sudden loss of approximately 21 grams at the moment a person dies. This was a minor study of 6 people and still has some remaining doubt as to being conclusive evidence that humans have a spirit / soul. The ethical implications to repeat and broaden the sample does inhibit further evidence gathering along these lines.

With many people claiming out of body experiences and astral travel and contribute this ability to their soul leaving their body, would you not expect their body to reduce in weight by 21 grams if their soul did actually leave their body?

I would also be very interested in any other legitimate studies or papers that extend of these ideas.

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  • John
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    1 decade ago
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    Actually that old MacDougall study is anything but scientific. His methods were sloppy and his results have never been reproduced. There's no reason to think this belongs anywhere but in the annals of bad science (or in the Journal of Irreproducible Results) :)

    But despite all the shaky premises involved here, you do make a logical argument when you say, if MacDougall's resuts were real and if they were caused by the weight of the soul, then astral travelers who claim their soul leaves their body also would exhibit this weight change. The problem is though that, as noted already, it all rests on very shaky premises.

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    Well I had to go figure out how much 21 grams is; the same as to Circus Circus poker chips...not very much then.

    There are some variables to consider about weight when one dies. You're not breathing and air pressure does weigh some I would imagine; plus your body evacuates. [You lose all your body functions; urine, etc]

    I'd go with those two options before I'd think that the soul had any real "physical" weight to it. I'm not saying it doesn't; but it doesn't seem as logical until you rule out the air pressure and evacuation.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not sure, never had anyone weighing me while i was out of body, I could ask my guide I am sure he would tell me. Science is finally catching up to the OBE experience I am glad to see more scientific experiments that are proving its real.

    One thing I find funny is the Die Hard skeptics that cant stand the idea of being able to do something a little different then usual so they try and poke holes in everything when all you have to do is try and you will have a OBE.

    Seems stupid but hey if they don't want to have one of the most amazing experiences of there life that's there choice.

    Sorry for the rant..

    Source(s): Personal Experience
  • 4 years ago

    the only weight help on the area of death is the very small quantity through fact the lungs expire the final breath. different greater beneficial weight losses stick to easily approximately as we talk and those are the effect of urination and defaecation. this would not ensue in all cases. when you consider that there is numerous talk and undertaking in defining the right area of death some argue that the shortcoming of urine and faeces is on the area of death. I even have heard of the 'soul loss' yet to my awareness this has by no ability been precise shown.

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  • Dr. NG
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    1 decade ago

    Any legitimate study of the 21 grams legend, OBEs and astral travel all show the same thing. It's all a bunch of bull doody.

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