its been 3 days. need some advice...?

i feel on my wrist snowboarding thursday. my fingers were swollen for awhile and they are a still a little swollen. the pain is not agonizing, but when i move it a certain way its kinda like shots of pain in the same spot as when i fell. certain fingers hurt to move and too weak to squeeze anything or make a fist. i thought it would just get better, but doesnt seem to be. is it muscle or bone? i dont want to go to the doctors if i dont have to.


i have iced taken aleve. doesnt seem to help when moving it. would a hairline fracture feel like this?

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    1 decade ago
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    It could be a sprain. You need an x-ray. Lasting damage could occur if you don't get the problem checked.

    Source(s): physical therapist for 12 years
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    1 decade ago

    I feel on wrist playing basketball once. It didn't seem too bad but after a couple of days I went to the doctor and it had small green-stick fracture and got it put in a cast. Probably best to get it checked out by a Doc. just in case. Sounds like it could be bone to me.

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    Get a large bowl of ice and water And put your hand in it It will hurt at first But I think you broke it No more then 20 minute in the ice and water If you dont feel better Take your *** to the Hospital Please

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