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Is Julianne Hough really going to be on DWTS 8?

I was looking at DWTS season 8 couple pictures when I saw Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks who were partnered! Did she not tell the press that she was taking at least 1 season off to work on music?! It isn't that I dislike her. I love her! Please answer soon!

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    Julianne and Chuck Wicks (her real life boyfriend) are definitely scheduled to be on DWTS that starts Monday, March 9. She was able to fit this into her schedule after all and loves to perform. I love her too.

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    Yes, Julianne Hough had said she was going to take a break from DWTS to work on her country music career, but she later changed her mind. Julianne is now partnered with her boyfriend Chuck Wicks for the new season of DWTS!

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    Yes, she did postpone her wedding. I'm sure there are always vibes when you are that close to a hot body for several hours a day for ten weeks, but I don't think Julianne would jeopardize her future for a few quickies with an Olympian. I remember dancer Maksim had a little something going with Willow before she was eliminated.... same with dancer Karina and Mario Lopez. Ahhhh, LUST!!!

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    yesssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!! with her boyfriend chuck wicks !!!! i love him ! they were on yesterday the start of dwts season 8

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    I am sure she is on. Love that show

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