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what types of kissing is there?

i need to know as many types of kissing so i can try some of them out with my girlfriend. help me please!!!!

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    Heyy, here are some different types of kissing;

    The Platonic Peck

    Turn your head before you lean in. If you want to kiss someone on the cheek, and that someone is at risk of misinterpreting your intentions, make it clear that you're not going for the mouth by turning your head off to the side before you lean in.

    Pucker your lips more tightly than you would for a romantic kiss. To know if you're puckering your lips correctly, kiss in the air. How loud is the kissing noise? It should be a clearly audible "pop" of your lips as you part them while sucking air in. A romantic kiss will barely make this noise because your lips are much more relaxed.

    Keep it brief. The amount of time your lips spend on the other person's cheek or lips should be limited to whatever it takes to make that kissing noise described in the previous step - nothing more. If your lips linger, it won't seem so platonic. In some settings, it might be appropriate to not make any lip to skin contact at all; read up on How to Air Kiss.

    The French Kiss

    As you are locking and re-locking lips, brush your tongue against your partner's lips ever so slightly. This should make it clear that you want to French kiss. If your partner's tongue does not respond in like fashion or if they pull away, you will have to save the French kiss for another time when you are both ready.

    Slowly open your mouth a little bit more and gently push your tongue a little farther into their mouth until the tip of your tongue meets the tip of theirs. Let your tongues brush against each other briefly and gently and then pull it away, back into your own mouth.

    Close your mouth a little (not all the way) and open it again to start another kiss. This time you can push your tongue a little further into your partner's mouth, so that more of it brushes against theirs.

    For a passionate kiss: Put your hand(s) on your partner's face, neck, or hair and hold them close as your tongues meet. Gently suck or nibble on their lips here and there. Breathe deeply. Kiss the person like you just can't get enough of them, and like you might never get to kiss them again.

    Finish off a French kiss with a little lip locking (as described in the previous section) or continue kissing, in which case you'll want to read the tips in How to Make Out.

    Hope this helps.

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    Good luck :]

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    you might do a delicate kiss. Which you simply lightly and infrequently touching the woman. a different kiss is a passionate kiss, that you simply pretty much kiss with feeling and emotion. simply be certain to not slobber far and wide the opposite man or woman after which, there's regularly the french kiss. you might watch that on youtube. good, there are plenty of kisses. Just opt for the kind as your feeling comes. Be certain of your self. You'll do it correct while the correct time comes

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    You got the Peck; A just a light kiss on the check or lips.

    French kiss; You've seen them in movies.

    Romantic; Like a French kiss, except you move your lips around a bit.

    Smooch; Need I say more?

    Make out; Need I sya more?

    I think that's it.

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    What types of kissing ARE there?

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    kissing is kissing lol

    you do it how you want to

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    enter a, i can't better that answer!...

    i've actually been pulling some real weird faces while reading your advice...trying out your moves with no partner lol.....

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    kiss of death

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    Idk xD

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