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When Nathaniel Hawthorne,a heartbroken man,went home to tell his wife he had been fired from his job in a customhouse and confessed that he was a failure,she surprised him with an exclamation of joy.

She said triumphantly,"Now,you can write your book!"

He replied with sagging confidence,"Yes,and what shall we live on while I am writing it?"

To his amazement,she opened a drawer and pulled out a substantial amount of money.

He exclaimed,"Where on earth did you get that?"

She answered,"I have always known that you were a man of genius.

I knew that someday you would write a masterpiece.

So every week out of the money you have given me for housekeeping,

I have saved something;here is enough to last for one whole year."

From her trust and confidence came one of the greatest novels of American literature The Scarlet Letter.

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    當Nathanie Hawthorne 這個心已經支離破碎的男人回了家告訴他太太他在海關的工作被炒了魷魚, 覺得自己是一個失敗的人的時候, Nathanie太太喜悅的反應讓他覺得很驚訝.

    她得意洋洋地說: 現在, 你終於可以好好寫你的書了.

    但Nathanie卻很沒有自信的說: 是阿...但是如果我要寫書, 寫書的這段時間我們要靠什麼過活ㄦ呢?

    就在此時, 太太打開了抽屜, 從裡面拿出了一大疊的鈔票, 嚇了Nathanie一大跳.

    他驚訝的說: 你從哪ㄦ來的這麼多錢呀?!

    老婆就回答說: 我一直以來都知道你是一個很有才能的人, 是個天才. 我知道總有一天你能寫出驚天動地的書來. 所以, 這些錢是我從每個禮拜你給我持家用的錢裡面 一點一滴存下來的. 這些已經足夠讓我們用一整年呢.

    因為太太的信任與信心, 一本美國偉大的小說因此誕生了---The Scarlet Letter.(紅字)

    Source(s): 住在加拿大的我
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