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誰來幫我中翻英啊.... 急 ! 勿用翻譯軟體

請幫我翻譯 !



勿用翻譯軟體 ! 謝謝 !

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    If in studying time, Lincoln has bumped into when he is interested the thing, he records in ㄧ this registry, is a storage facility a little likely, he is familiar with in here collects is worth preserving ㄧ cuts the thing. His stepmother relates that he does not have the paper to take down his note frequently. Then, he will use the chalk to write them above the wood chip or the thick plank, sometimes only will make some symbols to express that he planned will write down thing. When he has the paper, he will copy out them, will always take them to me looks and reads.

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    If Lincoln came across something that intrigues him while studying, he will write them in a notebook, like a storage room, here he likes to store things that's worth keeping. His stepmother states that, he often did not have any paper to write his notes.

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    Then, he will use a chalk and write them on a chip board or thick plank, sometimes just some symbols to indicate what he plan to write. When he has paper, he will transcribe them and always show them to me and read them out loud.

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