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  • 霞飛
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    2009-03-20 13:43:39 補充:

    To Elisa

    Thanks for your opinion. Your suggestion really helps me a lot in improving English.

    In this case, what if the asker try to ask how to describe a girl who hurts people easily?

    Is the word "aggresive" still OK?

    2009-03-21 10:01:38 補充:

    To Elisa

    Clear enough and very helpful.

    So this two words, offensive and assaultive, are used to describe something but person.

    Thanks again for your abundant explanation.

    Any of my improper usages, pls instruct me again.

    2009-03-21 10:16:52 補充:

    Elisa again

    Besides, how does "quick to criticize" mean? I am not very sure about its meaning.

    2009-03-28 08:43:34 補充:

    I've got it. Thanks, Elisa.

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  • Elisa
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    1 decade ago

    offensive or assaultive is not the right usage here.

    What does it mean by 感情上面很有攻擊性?

    Use aggressive to state situations like this.

    She is very aggressive and uses all kinds of tactics to get the one she likes.

    2009-03-21 02:33:40 補充:

    Example of how you would use the word "offensive".

    I find your words offensive. 你的話傷人

    I am offended by your words. 你的話激怒我.

    2009-03-21 02:34:31 補充:

    It really depends on the type of words that the girl uses to hurt people or how she hurts people.

    Sometimes, she can be sarcastic. She can be mean. She can be thorny with her words. She can be full of thorns. She can be quick to criticize.

    2009-03-21 02:36:38 補充:

    "Aggressive" would not be the right word to describe a person who hurts the others easily. However, "offensive" and "assaultive" are not the right words either.

    You can describe the words being "offensive", but not a person.

    2009-03-21 02:41:12 補充:

    "Assaultive" usually means physically aggressive. Like physically assualting someone. Punch someone in the nose, hit someone in the stomach, etc.

    His assaultive behavior towards his wife needs to be stopped. Otherwise, his wife may end up in the emergency and he in the prison one day.

    2009-03-21 02:42:09 補充:

    I don't know if this is clear to you. If not, let me know. Thanks!

    2009-03-21 02:46:49 補充:

    By the way, being full of thorny words can also be a reaction out of being defensive.

    2009-03-21 02:54:51 補充:

    She can have hurtful unconsidered words.

    2009-03-28 03:30:07 補充:

    quick to criticise - meaning: quick to judge people, quick to attack people.

    A very edgy person can be quick to criticise others.

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  • 1 decade ago

    aggressive 比較合適

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  • nung
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    1 decade ago


    其實應該用 defensive 這個字

    2009-03-08 11:36:27 補充:

    當一個人(男女皆然)在行為上表現攻擊性 (offensive)時,其實都是由於其內心或感情上過度具有防禦性(defensive), 亦即有強烈之不安全感

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  • rman n
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    1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    antipersonnel 這個字的意思是具有殺傷性的(對人)


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