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High School Drug Free Party?

im straight edge, and my friend and I are want to have a pool party over the summer.. like a BIG PARTY with lots of cute girls who dont do drugs/alcohol. im a firm believer that you can have fun with out drugs/alcohol. those are for people who dont know how to have fun. so like how do i get the word out and let people know about the party. were thinkin of making flyers and handin' them out to people. any other suggestions??? thanks!! =)=)

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    flyers are a good way to start

    if you have a myspace post a bulletin out informing them

    or if you dont want certain pple to go text them or msg them and let them know. tell them to bring ppl who do not drink or do drugs.

    you should definitely make it clear [and in the flyers] that its a drug free kind of party. great idea btw! you should only hand em out in your school cuz if you hand em out in the street then random ppl will go and some ppl tend to go already boozed up. but if you insist then go by a church and hand em out there.. thats all i can come up with now goodluck & have fun :]]

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    nicely alcohol makes any length celebration greater suitable haha yet as long as you have hearth and a few nutrition youll be all reliable. we used to try this alot at my pals-mothers and dads have been strict and we purely made a fire have been given some sodas ordered pizza hotdogs and stuff and performed some song. we introduced a guitar out too. as long as you dont have intense strung human beings youll be advantageous.

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