Juvenile Detention Officers need your opinion please?

Does favortism play a role in your facillity. In my facility I have a boss who is trying to get rid of all employees who dont follow policy. What I mean is she even looks at the small stuff that we do and nit picks about it. Does this happen in your facility


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    Not really, but it has occurred in the past. One of my former coworkers was a probation officer and was bumped back to detention because she pissed off the chief juvenile officer at the time. I was hired when our facility was more punitive, but after about a year or so we started reforming and joining the Ann E. Casey Foundation (Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative) and a lot of changes occurred at our facility, such as getting a rid of lock downs for most situations and implementing 5 minute timeouts in corners... making a long story short, those that were against the reform and were very vocal about it were sort of pushed out and eventually quit. I was lucky because even though I was against the changes at first, I wasn't as vocal about it.

    Source(s): I am a juvenile corrections officer in Missouri.
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    oftentimes the place I stay, once you get caught doing some thing unlawful you will spend some days in reformatory and doubtless bypass on some probation for a collectively as - then have the costs expunged out of your checklist. What he did became incorrect, he needs to receive some punishment. only because of the fact he gets solid grades it does not supply him the splendid to interrupt the regulation. the place did he get the bus tickets interior the 1st place? acquaintances from college? he's not a new child the two - he needs to earnings his lesson or he will proceed to interrupt the regulation or do some thing undesirable and he will consistently say, "nicely, i'm sorry.. i did not recommend to." Get an legal professional.

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    She may have been asked to down size.

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