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What is the Best/ Worst/ Cheesiest pick up line you have ever heard?

I just want to know.

mine are

Me: "I think you dropped something over there"

Other person: "What did I drop?"

Me "My Jaw."

other one is...

Me "woah, was that an earthquake?"

*before other person answers*

"because I just rocked your world!"


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    ahahahahha that is lame!!! but if a chick was to say that that would be hela sweet

    well mine are..

    me: Ouch!

    THem: what hapend

    me: I hurt my self

    Them: R u ok?

    me: well yea.. But if i was to bit my lip.. will you kiss it?


    another one is..

    Do some fries come whit that shake!!! XD

    jk jk

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    my guy friend said this 1 2 me:

    oh my gosh


    i fell.....for you

    (then he did a little stumble)

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