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What exactly does it mean to be straight-edge?

i only know about the no drinking, smoking, drugs. i've also heard some abstain from casual sex. but i read they are into hardcore. so what exactly makes a person straight-edge? also, i follow the above (except for liking hardcore, i listen to other rock), could i be straight-edge?

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    Straight-edge people make a LIFETIME (this is key) commitment to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and drugs. It's different from saying "I'm only going to drink responsibly", but rather "I'm not going to sip a drop of alcohol for my entire life". Some SxEs get pretty uptight as well. Many times, they draw a "X" on their hands to represent themselves. Often, but not always, these are the people who think they're superior to others who do drink or smoke.

    Not necessarily. If you simply don't drink or smoke, it does not mean you are Straight-edge. SxEs, as stated above, make commitments to never use these substances. If you don't smoke or drink because you happen to be underaged, or you just aren't into it, you're not a straight-edger. If you feel that it's 'wrong', morally or otherwise, then you may be one.

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    no drinking, no drugs, no sex. basically you are a 15 year old virgin.

    straight edge is just that. a lot of hardcore fans might be straight edge but you dont have to be. its not a club or anything.

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    No drinking or drugs.

    Sex depends on the person.

    I would not suggest your stereo type yourself as "straight edge" in case you want to change your habits later.

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    it doesn't really have to do with music. just the no drugs/smoking/alcohol/casual sex. so yeah, you're straight edge. welcome to the club! haha.

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    My boyfriend used to be straight edge before he met me. To him it meant no drinking or smoking. I've never heard sex associated with Straight Edge before, I think that rule would be called something else. And yes he used to listen to a lot of hardcore too. But that's not a part of it, to be straight edge you just have to feel that drinking/smoking is wrong, and your not going to partake in it. This will last about 3 months. Then you'll have a shot of tequila unexpectedly one day and kick your self in the face and ask "what the hell was i thinking?" Good luck =)

    Source(s): All my friends USED to be straightedge till they me me and my friend Tequila.
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    My cousin goes to school with a bunch of them, I think they all look like "less wimpy" emo kids.

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    It's nothing about music.

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    basically that u dont drink or smoke anything illegal

    i think...

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    Drug/Alcohol free.

    No sex.

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