I'm back again! Very Proud Owner of A 1999 Chrysler LHS! 3 Questions.?

Still having that funky odor in my car's AC vents! Not as bad when the heater is turned on. But I cannot breathe it smells so bad when the unit is on for colder air. OMG! I haven't tried any of the suggestions made on here yet. I've been too busy. But plan too.

My 1st question.

I have a cd stuck inside of the car's factory installed player, How do I get it out?

2nd question. Should I plan to have another player installed?

3rd question. We all know my AC air stinks. The control for the BLOWER isn't working and it blows on max. Is this a big job for my mechanic or is it something I can fix? I know my car is getting old, but what's up with the control for this blower? Also since the BLOWER blows allll the time and can't be controlled guess what I have to do.......?

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  • C-Tech
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    1 decade ago
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    1.) You don't

    2.) You should

    3.) You need a blower resistor

    Good luck fellow LHS owner

    Source(s): Chrysler tech 10+ years
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