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would the economy be better off if the government ran the banks, car companies, and hospitals ?


eclecticcrab, you understand that by giving a positive answer to this question, you are advocating socialism in it's purest form?

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    Actually "socialism in its purist form" can mean different things depending on the school of thought.

    If the socialism exists to justify the existence of the state it usually leads to dictatorships or fascism. (Think Stalinism) "Socialism for the state"

    But if it's socialism to do away with the state, eliminate fiat money as the medium of exchange, or distribute the means of production democratically through workers union and the people that work it is something totally different that those in power can't tolerate.

    Under the socialism I described it is run by the common people, the workers, not the rich capitalist class that oppresses you.

    By the way Obama is neither a socialist nor a communist. He believes in corporate welfare just like most Democrats AND Republicans in power.

    The common people are being fooled. By the way the United States is still capitalism because private individuals still own the means of production, although I definitely agree that it leans toward OLIGARCHY.

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    Nope, for can Companies and Banks, but YES for HOSPITALS and here is why.

    1) There would be only one bank, as good as this sounds because all the criminals who want to borrow as much as they can and then go bankrupt wont be able to do it. However this won't go well with other countries, meaning that in order to do business they would have to settle with what ever terms the government sets, and sooner than later we have a war.

    2) Car companies, need competition who would want to compete against a company owned by the government, when they need the government to approve. Environmental issues, Property, etc.. all the things that competitors require to be approved by the government. It just wont be fair, and you can call that monopoly.

    3) This is where things change my view HOSPITALS is something I am one hundred percent on the Government running them because this ensures the best people for the job are doing it. You might think that free inter price as is in the United States at this time is the best way, sure it is for the Hospitals who make money on everyone who walks in the door and can afford one. Not for the people. Sure they can say they have a better track record than government ran facilities, but this is on the surface. If you where to see deep on to their operations you will see the reason is because the Doctors there are there for the money so turn down patients that would give them and the hospital a bad record. HOW YOU MIGHT SAY? Insurance companies do the dirty work, I am sure deep inside their dealing they exchange some funds, or at least some perks. As if the insurance companies don't pay, and the doctors don't get patients that would give them and their hospital a bad wrap that would be just fine. In government ran hospitals no one is turned down from the person who has nothing to the person that has everything. Most important the doctors are there because they want to help people not just for the money.

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    The source of our economic problems in the USA is the failures of the Bush II Administration. It is public knowledge of objectively thinking Americans, now, that the search for WMD's in Iraq was a farce that is ending in the economic failures of the USA and the rest of the Earth.

    Our economy would be better if the citizens and the consumers of each country worldwide did not tolerate the likes of Bush II, Dick Cheney, and the Queen of England; and they compelled the representative parts of their governments to represent them and to prevent them from being exploited by big business and international bankers--this would be enough government. As for the consumers, their demand can regulate supply side pricing schemes--just like their votes and their voices can effect their leaders.

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    Greed is the problem, there is no way to fix this. If Obama fails, which is likely, so does the Republican Party. We did this, looking for the easy way. We want our children to have it easier then we did but what we can not or will not see is it has little value to them, they did not have to work for it. Don't worry Daddy and Mommy will come and bail me out.

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    SS and medicare are always in the black; yeah right.

    Politicians always file and do their taxes right; so far, not so good.

    Fanny and Freddy were never influenced by politicians; like hell they weren't.

    If the government and politicians keep up the good work, I'm sure we will all be equally broke.

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    Look at the way the Government runs Medicare and Medicaid; they screw everything up. There are about 35,000 lobbyists in Washington D.C. and we are governed by th votes they buy.

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    Of course. I'm sure they would run just as efficiently as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security have proven to run.

    /end sarcasm

    @ eclecticcrab - I beg of you to please read the article linked below that dispels many of the myths about the state of the US health care system vs. nationalized systems.

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    How do you think we got to the mess we are in...idiots in DC passing regs of what must and must not be done - look at the community reinvestment act for the reason for the housing mess.

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    Well, considering that we have a failed banking system, virtually bankrupt auto industry, and health care that is more expensive and lower quality than other industrialized nations, it's hard to see how the government could do any worse.

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    It appears so, we see what has happened the other way around.

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