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K, I only got one answer before. Im having a colposcopy n biopsy done on tuesday. Wanna know if anyone else has had this done n what their experience was. Also, I might have to have the LEEP procedure done, depending on the biopsy. Any advice.experiences on this as well?? Im kinda freakin out about it, not just of why I have to have it done...but because I have no idea what to expect. The nurse explained everything to me, but I wanna hear something from someone who has actually had it done. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i have never had it done but have assisted with them. they will get you on the table and open you up and then they will swab your cervix with a vinegar solution, it usually stings, and then look at your cervix through a scope, looks like a microscope. if they see any "white" patches they will want to biopsy them. with the biopsy, this is going to be scary, they will put an intrument into your vagina and then "clip" the white patch off your cervix. it will bleed and it will hurt.

    the leep is a lot easier. it is basically where they take off a layer of your cervix with a laser. i believe they numb you up for that one.

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