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Who are your top 5 superstars you can't stand?

1) John Cena

2) Batista

3) Edge

4) Jack Swagger

5) Shawn Michaels

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    1. Jeff Hardy. Completely overrated. Terrible wrestler with terrible mic skills. All he can do is silly flips.

    2. John Cena. A suck up to the fans and always in the title picture.

    3. Shawn Michaels. I will never respect him.

    4. CM Punk. Always getting a push and I think he is really annoying.

    5. Mike Knox. Just plain annoying.

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    Since all 5 of your choices are in the WWE, I'm going to limit my list to WWE superstars.

    5. JBL [only because a 5th was needed to fully answer the question and the alternate possibilities (Santino Marella and Shelton Benjamin) were only being considered because of their current gimmicks]

    4. C.M. Punk (the GTS is the only reason he even makes the list, but ever since he began using that as his finisher, it's become too much a part of his matches to disregard)

    3. Triple H [he's actually entertaining when he's not in the title picture, but he bores me to death (and forces me to skip certain segments of RAW and/or SmackDown) when he is in the title picture]

    2. Batista (for those of you who know the way I answer questions here, I bet this surprised you... at least until you see #1)

    1. Vince McMahon [it's my list, so I'm counting him as a "superstar" because he was once the WWF Champion (holding the title that is now known as the WWE Championship)]

  • Jack Swagger

    Primo Colon

    Vickie Guerrero

    John Cena

    Big Show

    Source(s): Also Colin Delany Even Though He Doesnt Wrestle.... Still!!
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    1. Jericho

    2. Edge

    3. JBL

    4. Swagger

    5. Kozlov

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    1:Randy Orton

    2:Chris Jericho

    3:The Miz

    4:Santino Marella

    5:Jack Swaggart

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    1 decade ago

    1. Jeff hardy

    2. John Cena

    3. Shelton Benjamin

    4. Rey Misterio

    5. Kofi Kingston

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    3-Jack Swagger

    4-Vickie Guerrero

    5-Matt Hardy

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mike Knox


    Paul Burchill

    Mark Henry

    Koffi Kingston

  • 1 decade ago

    Jack Swagger

    Dolph Zigler

    the new Chris Jericho- to boring and predictable these days



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    1) Orton!!!>>> He so damn lame

    2) Edge!!!>>> He wins too much by cheating

    3) Y2J>>> Arrogant prick i'm not a hypocrite!!!

    4) Kozlov>>> *Yawn*

    5) Swagger>>> Over pushed in a way

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