Is this a new invention?¿?¿?¿?

Having the hole roof of a car/SUV made of that plexi glass stuff that cant shatterd been made before? Its kind of like a sun roof but you dont open it. Also, can you tell me if this is a good idea...

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    Ford did this (although not in Plexiglass or Lexan) with their 1955 Crown Victoria. It was called a Skyliner, and the entire of the roof forward of the 'B' Pillars was made of tinted (and tempered) glass.

    Now to modern times...The Scion Tc uses a similar concept for their roof, only they incorporated a full opening feature to make it a large and breezy sunroof. It also is made of tinted and tempered glass.

    So I guess it is not a "new" Idea, but not an altogether unworthy one, there were several vehicles I have owned that I thought would benefit from such a view of the heavens from within, the best I could manage, aside from the few convertibles I have possessed, was a good old fashioned sun/moon roof.

    Why not jot some ideas down based on something already on the road? Present your Ideas to a few car companies...who knows? You just might start a new trend in automotive design?

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    The idea of a transparent car roof might be an OK idea, except that sunlight (ultra-violet) has a highly degrading effect on Plexiglas, causing it to cloud and develop internal cracking and checking. Being the car roof puts it at the continual mercy of the sunlight. Also, greenhouse effect, that is heat radiating through it, especially during sunny hot weather, would make it a tremendous load for an automotive air conditioning system, and probably not practical. Personally, I would not like to have to put on my sun screen lotion each time I went for a ride. It would be about a safe in a roll-over situation as a conventional convertible...

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    Every "dream car of the future" made for auto shows from 1940 to 2009 had that feature. Apparently, in the future, the sun is going to burn out, so we won't have to worry about roasting in a car with a whole plexiglass roof.

    For instance:

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    Plexiglass gets spider cracks and yellows in direct sunlight, but it is something to think about. Not a bad Idea! Keep thinking outside the box, and something will work out, future millionaire! Good luck.

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    If you had the whole (not hole) roof of an SUV made of Plexiglas, it would not have the structural integrity to hold the vehicle together.

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    its probably been done before.

    btw plexi glass actually does shatter, the only thing is that when it does shatter, it doesn't break into sharp pieces.

    all or most school buses have plexiglass.

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    In the late 50's -early60's they were making bubble tops as part of the jet -age styling. It has limited roll-over potentional.

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