my ex-boyfriend is owning me money and i have a written agreement to prove it ?.?

What should i do to get back my money.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    dis iz a very nice questionn actuallii coz some ppl thinkk dat takinn things 2 cour will sove matters.buh dat doesn alwaiz happ..nn as u sed u have a writtten document 2 prove it...well how valid iz da agreement..iz it a legall agreement..lyk a sealed document??...if soo u cud take him 2 court..buh try 2 solve da matters yourself personallii..nto on da fone..FCAE 2 FACE..nn a nice attitude..if da paperss juss normall paper...i don think its gonna b a good ideaa 2 take him 2 court..bcozz he will jus deny da fact dat he evenn rememberss takin any money from u..soo wuh u do den izz..dat u cud styll go 2 court..buhh u have 2 b a lil sspy or detective kinda person foh dat...get a tape him upp..nn ask himm y he din pay u..nn wen hes gonna pay u..n wen ur askin him all dese questionzz...da tape recorder shud bb on..buh not visible..nn tape everythin dat u want da judge 2 hear..n denn DATS IT..UR GOOD 2 goo..take dat tape 2 court..coz datss gonna b a strong proof..nn denn U GET UR MONEY...buh honestlii dis is da hardest wai..soo jus try 2 negotiate...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you watch Judge Judy?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well duh

    take him to court*

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