What other certificates are there similar to a cfp?

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    1 decade ago
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    Chartered Wealth Manager

    Chartered Financial Analyst

    Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

    Chartered Certified Accountant

    Certified Public Accountant

    Chartered Financial Consultant

    Chartered Asset Manager (Chartered Fund and Asset Manager)

    Chartered Portfolio Manager

    Master Financial Manager

    Master Financial Professional

    Certified Market Analyst

    Chartered Trust and Estate Planner

    Registered Financial Specialist

    Chartered Compliance Officer

    Chartered Private Equity Specialist

    The American Academy of Financial Management has mutual cross- recognition agreements from the AACSB and ACBSP. Thus, AAFM has over 561 registered and recognized accredited certification degree programs worldwide through the AACSB and ACBSP alliance with the 2 major Business Accreditation Agencies Worldwide.

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