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wat is the countrey canada all about?

i live in texas and i alweys hear about canada on the tv screen

i was just wundering what they speak there and where that countrey is?

thank you



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    Im from canada. Born and raised.. It has English and French? Canadians are very friendly.. Most of them anyways. I would like to think we're not as ignorant as Americans (no offence). And yes, we look like americans I suppose.. We are humans. Heh. Its above the US.. But its really cold in the winters!! Can get up to 5 feet of snow here in Alberta. And it can get to about.. -58 ºF during some winters. But the summers are beautiful. Thinking about moving here? Better get your "eh's" up and working, plus you need to learn your hockey teams. Cant forget those. Ps. it would be worth it.

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    I,m from the Kawarthas just N.E of Toronto..Used to drive Transport and have spent a bit of time in Texas.No one in Texas knows I,m from Canada unless I tell Them.Same colour and same style of dressing and same way of talking.I pick up Your accent without any problem so You would have a hard time thinking I,m not a American from Texas or the Carolinas .Whats Canada all about?Weave a different way of doing things .Although many of Us do own Guns and Rifles You will never see anyone carrying one unless it,s Hunting Season and then You will only see them while We are actually huntingWe frown on Racial Discrimination and anyone who does Discriminate is told to change Their attitude pretty quick.Does,nt mean it nevcer happenws but it,s not something We want promoted.We have a lot more persons of different cultures than You have and We try to get along .Our Beer is better .Even You say that.Because We sure do sell a lot of Canadian Beer in Texas..In many ways We are somewhat different but in many ways We are alike.You need to visit and see what We are all about but You better have about 6 months because We are a big country .Around here Texas is not all that large a place .We could hide Texas in Ontario a few times over .As You like to say Cmon down Yall and have a lookaround.

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    I am hoping that this question is a joke. If not, Canada is a country found north of the United States. English and French are our 2 official language, although we are not a "melting pot" like the US, so there are a lot of other languages spoken as well. We have actually adopted British english, so we spell and say a few words differently than America (like colour, labour, doughnut, and neighbour), but in general it is the same. I think that we look like a cross between European and American. Obesity isn't as much of a problem here as in the US, but we aren't as thin as many Europeans. Also, where I live at least, there are a lot of First Nations (Native) people, but not many blacks. This is different in different parts of the country, though. In general, we are quite nice, but we have our beefs just like everyone else does. We are just quite civilized about it.

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    Canada is a very large country - larger than the US, in fact. It is north of the 48 states and east of Alaska. Canadians speak many languages, but the official languages of Canada are French and English. In Northern Canada, Inuit is also an official language.

    Do they look like Americans? Well, that depends on what you think Americans look like. If you mean are there mixtures of Caucasians, Asians, Blacks, and other groups, then the answer is yes.

    Canadians, on the whole, are very nice, very friendly and very interesting people.

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    Canada is that large country that prevents you from being able to drive straight into Alaska. You can drive from Texas all the way up to Washington State, but then you hit a border and must stop and get permission to cross. It's just like crossing into Mexico, only the people speak English (or perhaps French on the east coast) instead of Spanish. We are generally nice people (we do like to tease though), and look and sound like Americans. Maybe we don't sound like Texans with the southern drawl, more like northern Californians or Minnesotans. You can think of Canadians as nice Americans, but with fewer guns and better healthcare. ;-)

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    Much of our ancestry comes from Ireland, Scotland, France, Britain so you tell me if we look like Americans? But the country is also very multicultural you will see people here from all over the world.

    This is a troll post. I'm sure Americans know where Canada is. Surely he has seen a map at some point.

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    You probably see Canadians all the time in Texas but you can't tell them from Americans unless you see them driving a car with Canadian plates. We speak English, mostly, but we have French as an official language too. Yes, we're very nice but I have to say that we're not as polite to strangers as a lot of the Texans I've met. Canada is directly north of the US.

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