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a good free online english to latin translator?

does anyone know of a good free english to latin Translator or if u know latin if would be awesome if you could translate these phrases for me

seize the beer

seize the fun

seize the food

seize the book

shut up

lol ik its weird but any help would be much appreciated thank you in advance

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    cape cervesam

    cape bellarium

    cape librum

    cape ludum


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  • aida
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    1 decade ago

    Any good translator, free or paid, online or off, has two legs and ten fingers. Those cyber-translation sites MANGLE Latin! For what you want at the moment, a dictionary with an English-to-Latin section, along with a knowledge of the accusative case, will work almost as well.

    That said, here are your answers:

    Carpe cerevisiam

    Carpe ludum

    Carpe cibum

    Carpe librum


    All these verbs are singular. If you plan to say these sentences to more than one person at a time, insert "it" before the final e of each verb--carpite, tacite.

    Source(s): Majored in Latin
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  • Nancy
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    4 years ago

    I was looking for this yesterday, couldn't find one. Most of the sites people give you either won't translate Latin or only translate one word at a time and who has time to do that?! I looked a Biltzlatin (at least it was called something like that) which was a free download but the translations were very, very inaccurate. You'd be best off finding someone who can understand latin and asking for a favour.

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  • loree
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    3 years ago

    thx for the replies, greatly appreciated!

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