Has anyone ever purchased anything from sell-good.com. It is a company in China.?

The prices are unbelievable. It shows the amount in euro dollars, but it still very cheap in american dollars.

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    1 decade ago
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    hi, there, i can not open this website www.sell-good.com , it shows you need user name and password.

    but as a chinese buy agent myself. do not believe a website who show price of items directly on theire own company website, real company mostly won't do that. only ******* scammers or middle sale website will do that.

    If you are trying to find cheapest price for items from china. two ways,

    first to find the real manufactores offical website and contact them to make sure by email and phones. but the products and internet are so mess of chinese factories,every one said they are a factory. sec method, to find someone relieable in china to be your business partner or buy agent, ask him to find the real supplier and ask cheaper price and do arrange the shippment, you need to share some commission with him.

    For not so big amount wholesale, you can visit www.dhgate.com or www.taobao.com. taobao.com is the biggest online chinese auction site with all items. and you can find the real price inside china, but it is all in chinese letters, you should read it by google translate. www.dhgate.com is a website which sell chinese products to foreigners in english, but it is much more expensive.

    I am a native chinese freelancer, whom experienced at business assistant and buy agent area, i will to help oversea buyers to directly get items from china factories. my contact :raymondpy35@hotmail.com. you can find me if any demand.

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