I need road trip destination ideas, please!!?

So me, my brother, and my fiance have decided to go on a road trip. Leaving this Sunday and coming home on Thursday. We live in New Jersey. We don't know exactly where we want to go, so we need ideas.

We don't want our final destination to be more than 9 hours away tops. We want to stop at places along the way.. We were thinking about Maine as the final destination, but we aren't sure where in Maine.

We like art, history, learning about different cultures, going to museums, etc. We are college aged, so keep it youthful, lol.

Thanks all!


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    It's too winter to go upstate New York, Maine would be a bit of a haul from New Jersey if you plan on stopping along the way often, I'd just try the Boston Post Road along the CT shoreline up through Rhode Island and play it by ear. Suggested stops include Old Saybrook, Mystic (It's nice before tourist season hits) Nantucket, Watch Hill/Misquamicutt, The Cape and Martha's Vineyard. Some of my friends suggest that P-town is a nice and interesting stop, if you are not offended by Gay people.

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    You might want to consider stopping by here at some point.....I suggest the afternoon into the evening on a Thursday,Friday of Saturday Night....is perfect for what you are looking for, and though not sure it is mentioned in link, but quite cultural..including a few excellent Greek Restaurants, which I am partial too, but can find any ethnic restaurants of your interest, it is a college town literally, please read the link........http://wikitravel.org/en/Ithaca_(New_York) Mac is right about the weather though, although it has been in 50's the past few days..if you are concerned about weather check the forecasts well....if your not, I am sure you would enjoy yourself....


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    Mt. Rushmore is appealing and theres a lot to do around there. forks washington (extra proper in the experience that your a twilight fan) and visit l. a. push "first sea coast" and notice the tidal swimming pools:) maine in case you like lobster, washington DC, nyc, and there are some rather exceedingly places in arizona/new mexico. Oh! Or ypu ought to do an enjoyment park excursion of the proper enjoyment parks (kennywood, ceeder factor, kings island) Mabye visit the closest AAA or holiday midsection and %. up some holiday books. they are loose at triple A!!

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    maine sounds like a great idea, Augusta, Bangore, and/or Bar Harbor are fun I've heard!

    If you want to head in a different direction, may I suggest Washington, DC? There's a ton to do/see there

    You could also drive to Grand Rapids, MI I hear there's a lot going on there this time of year

    If none of these are doing it for you, I would suggest a trip someplace warm, Florida, NC?

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    Go south. The weather is much nicer there. If you go along the East coast you may encounter nasty weather. If you are going later in the year you dont have to worry about it. Toronto canada is nice too!

  • New Orleans, Louisiana.

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