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AMAZZ asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 decade ago

Terrorism prevention/Nuclear weapons safety?

I need some proposals that help to prevent these ( about nuclear weapons):?

What can we do to prevent each of these, i need some proposals:

thanks (an example is stengthing the nuclear dome to withstand jet impact)

Theft and use of an intact nuclear device

Theft or other aquisition of fissile material

Attacks on reactors or other nuclear facilities

use of radiological material to make an RDD

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, the containment dome on a reactor contrary to what you hear would probably withstand the impact of even a jumbo jet. It's 10'+ of re-enforced concrete in the strongest shape you could make it, a dome. Nobody points this out because frankly they all wanted homeland security budget money thrown their way.

    Regarding our nuclear weapons, every weapon has a built in code put into it during manufacture. Without the code you can't make the thing blow up and if you try to tamper with it in any way, it will do what they call squib. That is, the non nuclear explosive detonate will go off in a way that will not create a nuclear reaction but will destroy the bomb.

    As a further protection many if not most of the weapons have built in military GPS and have only a certain allowed target zone. Let's take for example a nuclear cruse missile. If you managed to steal it you couldn't just give it a new target. You would need the codes to change the target, and even so the missile would know where it was in the world and would not launce if it was not in range of it's target, and would not accept a target that was not in it's pre-programmed acceptable area. In other words you couldn't use it against a US target.

    The radiological material threat is mostly exaggerated. You'd have to splatter it around with a conventional explosive and if you're going to do that you might just a well flat out blow the place up the old fashioned way. It would serve the purpose of scaring the hell out of people and attracting media panic which is a primary objective of terrorists.

    Attacking a nuclear facility would be an unlikely to bear fruit effort for terrorists. First there's getting in past security which you can bet is heavy and multi layered, and second, even if they get in then what do they do? All somebody has to do during the attack is push a button and the reactor will scram itself. That is, do an emergency auto shut down. Once you trigger that, you can't stop it and the reactor would take days to get back up and running. Furthermore, I'm sure that the NRC has the ability to trigger that remotely in some way, next, it they tried to make the reactor go critical it would sense that something was wrong and scram itself. After the 3 mile island incident in which some engineers almost melted the thing down by overriding the safety’s, the NRC made it so that the people on site at the plant could no longer prevent the reactor from shutting itself down if one of the operational parameters got out of line. If a pump goes out or the core gets above a normal temperature the reactor will shut itself down and there is no way to stop it. And as I mentioned, to restart it takes days.

    That’s hardly complete but it’s about all I know on the subject. The most important thing we can do is prevent nuclear proliferation, and work with other countries like Russia to reduce and eleminate nuclear weapons. If they just aren't there, then no one can screw up with them.

    Edit - As far as security of nuke plants, the best thing I could suggest is switching to the newer European core designs (pebble bed reactor) which simply cannot melt down do to their design.

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  • 3 years ago

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